Anime ENF clips

Anime ENF clips (NSFW).


Embarrassed nude females from various anime videos.


An embarrassing transformation (NSFW).

When sorceress Mary incurs the wrath of a much more powerful spell caster in Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? she finds herself magically transformed into an insect. When the spell wears off she is restored to her human form but, alas, without her clothes. Oh the shame


Boob measuring ENF (NSFW).

Schoolgirl Mimi's boobs keep growing at an impressive rate in the ecchi anime series Kodomo no Jikan, meaning that she has to upgrade her bra on a regular basis. When her friends Rin and Kuro offer to help with her latest bra fitting it soon becomes clear that this apparent act of altruism is motivated by a desire to get a good look at (and feel of) Mimi's magnificent mammary glands which is, as I'm sure you'll agree, a perfectly understandable reaction.


Super ENF (NSFW).

When Earth is threatened by alien invaders a group of superheroes called HXEROS rise up and defend humanity against the evil interlopers. Their super powers do, however, come with a price: every time the heroes use them all of their clothes disintegrate, leaving them stark naked wherever they happen to be which leads to an almost non stop series of excruciatingly embarrassing events. Surely I am not alone in wishing that all superheroines underwent such a transformation in the course of their exploits.


ENF from Hell (NSFW).

When archangel Lucifer is cast out of heaven on account of her pride she sets her sights on becoming the ruler of Hell and leader of The Seven Mortal Sins. Along the way she acquires unwilling acolyte Maria whose heart she has literally stolen. Here we see Maria attempting to regain her heart (and therefore her freedom) while Lucifer is taking a dip. Sadly for Maria this escape attempt fails and she learns that her demonic mistress can compel her to obey any command such as being told to strip completely nude. Being able to render babes naked at will is one diabolical power I would love to have and so, I suspect, would you.


An ENF inducing maid (NSFW).

Given that it is part of a maid's duty to help her mistress dress and undress there is always ample opportunity for a maid to "accidentally" cause some undressed embarrassment for the lady in question. Here are a couple of splendid example of an ENF inducing maid in action from the 2016 series Izetta: the Last Witch.


Heavenly ENF (NSFW).

The Seven Heavenly Virtues are a group of girl angels who have been sent to Earth to battle the forces of evil and search for the messiah. When the group's leader, Michael, decides that they are not combat ready she organises a training drill which involves a strip water pistol fight. The heavenly babes need not worry that mortals will witness the scene as they are equipped with a device which renders them invisible. What could possibly go wrong?


Legendary ENF (NSFW).

The 2015 anime series Bikini Warriors is the tale of a party of bikini clad adventurers who right wrongs and slay monsters in a world of sword and sorcery. This clip, taken from one of the OVAs included on the DVD release, features a re-imagining of The Emperor's New Clothes when the girls are endowed with "the legendary bikini armour that idiots cannot see" which leads to some truly legendary embarrassment for the hapless heroines.


More ENF in Wonderland (NSFW).

For those of us who enjoy a spot of anime ENF action Queen's Blade is the gift that just keeps giving. There are plenty of spin off series and OVAs, all featuring an abundance of clothes shredding catfights and supernatural strippings. Here is another clip from Queen's Blade: Grimoire where Alicia, the heroine of the piece who has found herself transported to a magical Wonderland of ENF possibilities, encounters a Little Red Riding Hood character whom she offers to help: an offer that is rejected in the strongest (and most embarrassing) terms.


ENF paradise (NSFW).

The 2011 series R-15 follows the fortunes of high school student Takuto Akutagawa whose vivid and highly perverted imagination make him a genius pornographic author. This unique talent sees him accepted into the prestigious Hirameki Gakuen school for gifted students where he has a series of saucy adventures with a cast of fellow eccentric geniuses. While the regular episodes concern themselves with the perverted imaginings of the young hero there is a rather strange one off OVA in which he and his school friends are apparently abducted by aliens and deposited on a remote tropical island. Could this be paradise? For ENF fans the answer is a resounding yes.








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