Anime ENF clips

Anime ENF clips (NSFW).


Videos of embarrassed nude females from various anime shows.


An embarrassed superheroine (NSFW).

When devout christian girl Mari discovers that her friend Saori has been abducted by an evil cult she prays to Jesus for divine intervention. To Mari's surprise Buddha intercedes, bestowing on her the power to transform into Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman. While this enables her to take down the bad guys it does have the disadvantage of having to wear a superheroine costume which leaves her bum completely exposed so that she must battle evil while attempting to overcome an overwhelming sense of shame. Here is Mari's first transformation into Gautaman and her first mortifying realisation that everyone can see her bare bum.


Monster boobs unleashed (NSFW).

In this clip from Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls the girls are having a bra fitting session. Unfortunately for centaur girl Cerea she has been blessed with such huge boobs that they escape all attempts to confine them; a situation which she finds more than a little mortifying. However, Cerea's untamed oppai prove to be great news for fans of anime jiggling as it means that when is at full gallop her huge unfettered bouncy boobs make for a truly majestic spectacle.


An ENF trap (NSFW).

There is an old saying that if something seems too good to be true it is almost certainly a scam. To demonstrate the wisdom of that aphorism here is a clip from the To Heart 2 spin off Dungeon Travellers where a group of female adventurers discover a hot spring in a dungeon, replete with all the trappings anyone could wish for. Seems too good to be true, doesn't it?


Public ENF for a hypnotised girl (NSFW).

To all lovers of anime ENF I most warmly recommend StrangerMMD, someone who has subverted the Miku Miku Dance program to create a bunch of videos featuring embarrassed anime babes losing their clothes in various situations. By way of a sample here is a clip of a street hypnotist coercing a hapless girl into performing an unwilling striptease for a cheering crowd. Absolute genius I'm sure you'll agree.


Bra busting heavenly boobs (NSFW).

Now this is very much my kind of deity: Hestia from the 2015 series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? whose big divine boobies frequently threaten to escape their confinement and manifest themselves in the mortal realm in all their unfettered glory. Surely that's a divine intervention we would all fervently pray for.


ENF at the pool (NSFW).

Every school has its share of nerd kids and at Seito High School the ultra nerd is Gentoku Ryuubi in the 2003 series Dragon Destiny. Her ineptitude at swimming is proving to be somewhat of an embarrassment but little does she suspect that a far more mortifying ENF experience is just moments away.


An ENF origin story (NSFW).

Anyone who enjoys ecchi ENF scenes is sure to like Highschool DxD which I have featured on this site before (scroll down a couple of pages to see the clips). Recently I stumbled upon an OVA spin off series with the inspired title of Fantasy Jiggles Unleashed. Among all the ENF and EUF fun there is an episode showing the perverted hero of the show, Issei Hyodo, unleashing his clothes shredding magical powers for the first time which I present here for your viewing pleasure.





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