Anime ENF clips 3

Anime ENF clips 3 (NSFW)


Another selection of embarrassed nude anime babes.


Public ENF for Princess Silvia (NSFW).

In the world of mainstream entertainment it is pretty much a given that whenever the bad guys take a group of people hostage some heroic type will offer themselves to have said hostages released. In a refreshing twist on this well-worn formula the makers of Dragonar Academy have the noble knight Silvia Lautreamont step forward to offer her life to terrorist leader Advocha in exchange for the lives of her hostages. Advocha, however, decides it would be a whole lot more fun to subject the royal paragon to some public naked humiliation instead. A few more villains with her mindset would, at least in my opinion, be more than welcome.


Highschool DXD ENF scenes (NSFW).

Here is some spooky ENF from the 2012 series High School DxD. In the first scene Issei, a dim witted and over sexed high school student is on a mission with his fellows in the Occult Research Club to find a familiar deep in a spooky forest when the group comes under attack from some slime. It quickly becomes clear that this slime is intent on causing some clothes dissolving ENF mischief as it homes in on the female members of the party and sets about making their clothes melt away while also binding their hands so that they are unable to cover themselves. Issei at once concludes that he has found his familiar which I’m sure all ENF fans will agree is a perfectly understandable reaction.


In the second clip Issei has honed his clothes disintegrating powers into a magical martial arts move which he uses to defeat a group of female adversaries.


ENF combat (NSFW).

Here is another ENF fight scenario. This time it comes from the 2019 series Ikki Tousen: Western Wolves. So gentlemanly is the fellow in this clip that he even apologises to the naked victim of his impressive attack for accidentally destroying all of her clothing. At this point I imagine that the ENF aficionados out there are wishing there was a martial art which bestowed such abilities in real life.


Zombie ENF (NSFW).

This clip really ramps up the oddness to achieve some embarrassed nude female fun in what I hope you will agree is a highly original CMNF setting. What we have here is a scene from the opening episode of the 2011 series Is This a Zombie? The titular zombie, Ayumu Aikawa, who has been murdered by a serial killer only to be resurrected by babe necromancer Lady Hellscythe, is shambling about in a graveyard late at night in approved zombie fashion when he gets caught up in a fight between a monster and Haruna, a magical garment girl. For reasons that are unclear our undead hero absorbs Haruna’s magical powers which, because she is a magical garment girl, means that he also absorbs her clothing, leaving her naked and embarrassed (and more than a little annoyed).