Random anime clips.


Random moments from the world of anime that have caught my attention.


Battling bare babes (NSFW).

Here is another clip from my favourite superhero franchise; Kekko Kamen. This time the naked superheroine is combating a nude android girl in an unclothed battle royal. Faced with such a formidable opponent the heroine looks like she may have finally met her match. Can she locate her adversary's weak point to snatch victory? Watch the clip to find out.


Anime maid Airi at your service (NSFW).

Airi is an adorable anime maid from the Queen's Blade franchise who also happens to be a wraith which means that her saucy French maid’s outfit grows more and more insubstantial as she becomes tired or loses hit points until it finally disappears completely. Here she is at the end of a long hard day still working hard to please you even though her increasing tiredness means that she is constantly exposing herself as she goes about her chores. An enchanting sight, I'm sure you'll agree.


Mad anime science (NSFW).

If you enjoy anime and you also like mad science then this clip from Dragonar Academy is sure to brighten up your day. When a dragon is incarnated in the form of a human girl called Eco mad babe scientist Angela Cornwell is so intrigued that she abducts the hapless dragon girl and whisks her away to her laboratory to be the subject of some diabolical experiments. When Eco's chums arrive on a rescue mission the scene is set for a maelstrom of mad science and magic centered on a bare anime babe. How anyone could fail to enjoy such a spectacle is beyond my understanding.


Always do your best.

Here is a clip from one of my favourite animes, Girls und Panzer, which is a tale of daring do with the girls of Ooari Academy's Tankwando club taking on rival schools in fiercely competitive tank warfare. Moe anime girls, tanks and explosions: what's not to love? Whatever the challenge these girls are always determined to do their best and so, to stiffen their resolve, they go to watch an inspirational performance by Punchy the Bear who always tries his utmost, even though his efforts rarely meet with success.


An ideal world? (NSFW)

There have been a spate of anime series recently on the theme of characters being transported from mundane reality to an alternative fantasy universe. One of my favourites is Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World in which high school student Michio Kaga suddenly finds himself in a fantastical sword and sorcery world in which, after recovering from his initial shock, he soon begins to thrive. In this scene he discovers that this new environment is even more exciting than he had ever dared to imagine. Lucky sod.


Pop pervert (NSFW).

Takuto Akutagawa, hero of the 2011 series R-15, has a vivid (and extremely perverted) imagination. When he goes to watch pop idol Misao in concert he just can't help drifting off into a steamy fantasy version of events. Surely I'm not alone in wishing pop idols really put on this sort of performance.


Moe maids and ultra violence.

There are many reasons why I love anime but one of the most compelling is that even after years of anime watching there are still series that can leave me speechless with amazement and admiration. One I chanced upon recently is Akiba Maid War and should you be wondering how a maid war could ever come to be then this clip should make matters clear. I think it might also be the most awesome music video ever made.


An anime athletics contest.

This clip is taken from the 2022 series The Last Summoner which follows the fortunes of a young fellow called Ah Jie who suddenly finds himself thrust into a world of magic and mystery when he accidentally summons a goddess. Soon he is embroiled in a battle with the forces of evil along with a band of new found allies who are also summoners. Here we see Ah Jie and his chums competing in an athletics competition in which victory will grant them greater magical powers with which to fight their enemies. Normally I would find athletics far too dull to grab my attention but introducing supernatural elements makes such a spectacle much more watchable.