Random anime clips 2

Random anime clips 2.

Some moments from the world of anime that have caught my attention.


A saucy spirit girl causing consternation (NSFW).

A young chap is having an unsettling start to the day in a scene from the series Tsugumomo as he struggles to cope with his spirit girl companion, Kiriha. This ethereal babe is a bit hazy about human conventions such as when it is appropriate to wear clothes which lands the hero, Kazuya, in all sorts of mortifying situations like this one where he has to get her dressed for school. No doubt your heartfelt sympathy goes out to this unhappy chap. Just imagine how awful you would feel if you had to deal with a naked ethereal babe on a daily basis. As the series goes on more and more of these supernatural sirens find their way into Kazuya's life. Oh, the horror.


The secret of business success.

The 2020 anime series Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina is exactly what the title suggests as the young heroine travels the world in search of adventure, visiting a new location in each episode. Here we find her in the wine producing region of This Village, whose inhabitants are locked in a battle for wine supremacy with their rivals in That Village. The mayor of This Village explains that the secret to success in any business is pandering to the public's baser instincts. Who would have thought it?


Recoil (and how to prevent it).

In the 2010 anime series Highschool of the Dead a group of school kids suddenly find themselves slap bang in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Luckily they stumble upon a cache of military grade weaponry, thereby greatly increasing their chances of survival. There is, however, the problem of using such powerful weapons effectively without extensive training. For example, how would a novice compensate for the recoil a high powered rifle produces? Well, strapping it to a huge pair of breasts seems to do the trick.


How not to be a demon lord (NSFW).

Geeky gamer Takuma Sakamoto achieves elite status in his favourite role-playing game, Cross Reverie, becoming the fearsome demon lord Diablo in the 2018 series How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. One day he is magically transported into the game world to discover that here, far from being a nerdy loner, he actually is the fearsome Diablo. Not only that; he has a brace of beautiful slave girls called Ren and Shera to accompany him on his travels. Diablo must hide his nerdy nature to convince people he truly is a dreaded demon but that often proves challenging, as in this clip where Ren and Shera decide to go skinny dipping.


Temptation can be hard to resist (NSFW).

Moetan is certainly one of the stranger animes I have seen. Here is a sample of some of the oddness on offer.


Teasing the nerdy kid.

Naoto Hachiouji is a geeky high school student who just wants to be left alone with his manga but is constantly tormented by sadistic fellow student Hayase Nagatoro (sometimes abetted by her friends), leading the anguished fellow to implore Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro. Here we see our hapless hero trying to get the mischievous minx out of his head only to find she is determined to allow him no respite from her merciless harassment.