Brawling babes

Brawling babes (NSFW)


Clothes shredding catfight scenes from mainstream movies.


Wild girl versus Amazon (NSFW).

Wild girl Lianna (Analía Ivars) is on a mission to take vengeance on the Golden Temple Amazons who murdered her parents when she was a child. You might imagine that this scenario would lead to a catfight or two along the way and you'd be right. Here is the fearless avenger brawling with the Amazon's second in command (Françoise Blanchard).


A mass mud wrestling girl fight (NSFW).

What could be better than a pair of bodacious babes embroiled in a clothes ripping catfight? A whole bunch of babes in clothes shredding catfight action, that's what. Here is a fine example of that very thing from the 1976 WiP movie Nightmare in Badham County when a disagreement between two female felons soon escalates into a mass brawl with clothing being ripped off and CFNF mud wrestling elements being introduced as the guards turn a fire hose on the brawling babes. Sadly the authorities then decide to put a stop to proceedings just as it's starting to get really entertaining. Bloody spoilsports.


Brawling babes at a party (NSFW).

The 1973 blaxploitation classic Coffy carries the tagline ‘The baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town!’ and the vigilante heroine of the title (played by the incomparable Pam Grier) certainly dispenses plenty of summary justice to the criminal scum who draw her ire. Here she takes on a gang of bad girls at a party and, as you would expect in a 1970s girl scrap, there is plenty of clothes ripping action with a food fight element thrown in for good measure (which should please the Wet and Messy fans among you).


Brawling strippers (NSFW).

Gambling for cash can often lead to ill feeling and here is an example of how violence can ensue from the 2010 film Big Tits Zombie. The two girls involved in a game of chance just happen to be strippers and you might think that if a couple of strippers get into a fight they could very well strip each other. Well, if that's what you thought then you thought right.


A Ginger McAllister strip fight double bill (NSFW).

Here are a couple of clips from the Ginger trilogy, made in the early 1970s, featuring sexy super sleuth Ginger McAllister (Cheri Caffaro) not only defeating the bad girls but stripping them naked and leaving them tied up for good measure. This video comes from the first in the series, Ginger, and shows the titular heroine in action against the leader of a gang of bikini clad bad girls.

Next is a clip from the final film in the trilogy, Girls are for Loving from 1973. Having been stripped naked by a bunch of henchmen on the orders of arch bad girl Ronnie (Sheila Leighton) earlier in the film Ginger spots her nemesis at a social gathering and wastes no time in taking her revenge.







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