Brawling babes 2

Brawling babes 2 (NSFW)


Videos of girls clothes being ripped off in fight scenes from mainstream movies.


A Ginger McAllister strip fight double bill (NSFW).

Here are a couple of clips from the Ginger trilogy, made in the early 1970s, featuring sexy super sleuth Ginger McAllister (Cheri Caffaro) not only defeating the bad girls but stripping them naked and leaving them tied up for good measure. This video comes from the first in the series, Ginger, and shows the titular heroine in action against the leader of a gang of bikini clad bad girls.

Next is a clip from the final film in the trilogy, Girls are for Loving from 1973. Having been stripped naked by a bunch of henchmen on the orders of arch bad girl Ronnie (Sheila Leighton) earlier in the film Ginger spots her nemesis at a social gathering and wastes no time in taking her revenge.


Women's wrestling match turns into a strip fight (NSFW).

When a martial artist called The Karate Kid is approached by some shady types who want him to participate in an underground fighting tournament he refuses to have anything to do with them in the film A Human Murder Weapon. The bad guys aren't prepared to take no for an answer and attempt to coerce him by kidnapping his girlfriend (played by Chika Matsui) and forcing her to fight in a women's wrestling franchise. Having no martial arts experience she is helpless against her opponents who not only thrash her but undress her for good measure. In this bout the ruthless victor delights the spectators with a finishing move you won't see in WWE.


A sword and sorcery strip fight (NSFW).

In a world of myth and magic Princess Athalia (Lana Clarkson) flees from a palace coup and seeks to join a group of rebels in the 1990 sword and sorcery cheese-fest Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back. Erigena (Orietta Aguilar), the rebel leader, considers Athalia to be a pampered weakling of no fighting worth. According to ancient lore there is but one way to settle such matters: topless mud wrestling.


Strip wrestling waitresses in catfight action (NSFW).

Service with a smile is all well and good but service with a strip fight would be far more entertaining and here is a fine example of a pair of strip wrestling waitresses to illustrate the point. The two of them have gotten into an argument which quickly turns into a catfight. Not surprisingly they have no sooner got to grips with one another than they are consumed by lust and begin ripping each other’s clothes off while a bemused couple watch the girl on girl strip fight action unfold. As strip wrestling waitresses scenes go this one from the 1974 French film Bacchanales Sexuelles is, I'm sure you will agree, up there with the best.


Female wrestler stripped topless for a cheering crowd (NSFW).

A masked female wrestler is stripped topless and unmasked by her opponent before being flung around the ring in front of a cheering crowd. This is a clip from the 1984 film Beautiful Wrestlers Down for the Count. Quite why it is that the producers of WWE and similar franchises have not introduced this sort of thing into their schedules is an unfathomable mystery to me: you can never have too much CFNF wrestling, at least in the opinion of Your Humble Blogger.


Marina Sirtis stripped topless in a catfight (NSFW).

Another classic brawling babes scene from the world of cinema with some vintage clothes shredding catfight action from the 1983 remake of The Wicked Lady. Some years before she found fame as Deanna Troi in Star Trek The Next Generation Marina Sirtis had a minor role in the film which involved her spending almost all of her screen time in states of undress. In the first clip she earns the ire of the titular wicked lady (played by Faye Dunaway) who discovers her in bed with the dashing highwayman Captain Jackson. This scene triggers the bad blood between the two female protagonists (as well as giving us a sneaky peak at Marina's muff).


In this scene the ill feeling between the pair comes to a head with a public whip fight which results in Marina being stripped topless for an enthralled crowd before the authorities arrive to put a stop to proceedings, much the the disappointment of the onlookers and, no doubt, the enraptured viewer.