ENF at the movies

ENF at the movies (NSFW)


ENF videos of embarrassed nude females losing their clothes in mainstream movies.


Bad girls are punished with electro ENF (NSFW).

While the cheap and cheesy sci-fi flick Deathsport, made in 1978, lacks massively in terms of plot, dialogue and acting it does at least feature a fair amount of female nudity. For one thing, girls who displease the tyrannical overlord in this dystopian future are forced to dance naked for him while he zaps them with futuristic (by 1970s standards) punishment gizmos. Here are a couple of bad girls, played by Claudia Jennings and Valerie Rae Clark, getting the treatment.


ENF in the woods (NSFW).

A chap called Hector is taking a break from moving into his new home when he spies a girl (Bárbara Goenaga) taking her clothes off in the nearby woods. Naturally enough he goes to investigate. Well, who wouldn't want to investigate naked girls in the woods? It transpires that Hector's house is located close to a scientific research centre and he soon finds himself embroiled in a mad science nightmare which at least has the upside of Bárbara Goenaga getting naked for some recurring CMNF ENF forced stripping fun in the little known sci-fi gem Timecrimes.


Naked and afraid (NSFW).

When Diana (Danielle De Luca) takes up employment in a titty bar she attracts the attention of a dastardly fellow who abducts girls and transports them to the wilderness so he can hunt them down in the aptly named 2007 movie Naked Fear. While we all no doubt enjoy seeing bare babes flitting through the landscape, attempting to injure them is clearly beyond the bounds of acceptable behaviour as this rotter is about to discover. For the experience awakens in Diana a primal will to power as she and her pursuer become embroiled in a CMNF duel to the death.


Boob loving bank robbers (NSFW).

When a bunch of bank robbers are carrying out a heist in the 1979 crime caper Super Gun Lady: Police Branch 82 it occurs to them that they could make all the female bank employees get their boobs out while they're about it. The resulting ENF shenanigans certainly make this robbery more entertaining than most.


Public ENF punishment (NSFW).

While the fantasy TV series Game of Thrones failed to live up to its early promise of wall to wall bare babes there are some fine (if sparse) examples of female nudity in some of the later episodes including this awesome ENF scene from Season 5 Episode 10 – Mother’s Mercy in which the character of Cersei Lannister (played by Lena Headey) has been found guilty of being a very naughty girl indeed and must atone for her crimes by walking through the city stark naked so that the entire populace can point at her and laugh. I think this must be the most full on nude in public ENF scene ever shown in a mainstream TV show although, if my quest for ENF material turns up anything even better I will be sure to post it on the site. Just for clarity I should point out that in most of the nude shots Cersei is portrayed by body double Rebecca Van Cleave rather than Lena Headey but I hope this will not spoil your enjoyment.


Otherworldly ENF (NSFW).

When a trio of oversexed astronomy students develop a crush on their babe scientist professor (María Baxa) they hatch a convoluted plan to seduce her by pretending to be visitors from another world in the 1978 comedy Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. Incredibly, the gullible prof is taken in by their home made alien outfits and toy ray guns as they persuade her to strip naked at toy gunpoint while the prof's housekeeper Monica, played by Mónica Zanchi (who also gets naked for a lesbian sex session with the prof later in the film), runs off to fetch help which only results in even more people getting an eyeful of the embarrassed nude babe scientist. For silly and surreal ENF scenes I think this one has to get get top marks.


Strip in the name of the law (NSFW).

The bizarre 1994 movie A Chinese Torture Chamber Story certainly lives up to its name as a succession of embarrassed Chinese babes are made to strip before being punished for various misdeeds. In this scene a girl has to get naked in front of a bunch of gnarly old judges and roll around on a bed of nails to atone for her crimes. It is mystifying that such ENF punishments are not meted out to female felons in our own times; surely it would be worth at least running a pilot scheme to see if it reduces offending rates.





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