ENF at the movies

ENF at the movies (NSFW)


Some video clips of embarrassed nude females losing their clothes in mainstream movies.


ENF scenes from Justine de Sade (NSFW).

If you enjoy ENF scenes in mainstream movies I think you will love the 1972 film Justine de Sade (based on the novel Justine by the notorious Marquis de Sade) in which the hapless heroine of the title, played by Alice Arno, trusts in God's goodness and innate human kindness only to discover that everyone she encounters just wants to get her naked. Scarcely does she have time to exclaim "I am but a poor orphan..." before she is being stripped yet again as ENF, CFNF and CMNF scenes follow one another in rapid succession. Not only does she keep losing her clothes but she gets subjected to all sorts of bondage and spanking shenanigans for good measure. Truly an ENF masterpiece.


ENF gang warfare (NSFW).

The Japanese film franchise Terrifying Girls' High School revolves around criminal gangs of high school girls getting up to all manner of unlawful shenanigans. These girl gangs often become embroiled in turf wars for control of various criminal enterprises with the losers being subjected to ENF humiliations at the hands of the victors. Here are a couple of clips from Delinquent Convulsion Group, made in 1974, featuring some random acts of ENF themed retribution.


ENF scenes from Barbarian Queen (NSFW).

No 1980s sword and sorcery film would be complete without the inclusion of a bevy of scantily clad barbarian babes and Barbarian Queen from 1985 is a fine example of the genre, offering a feast of unfettered funbags to enchant the eye as every major female character in the movie loses her clothes on at least one occasion as they attempt to overthrow the obligatory dark lord. In this scene the heroine, Amethea (Lana Clarkson), has been captured by the bad guys and confined in a dungeon where she is tortured with the Nipple Tickling Gauntlet of Terror.


As a bonus here is a selection of some other ENF themed scenes from the film. Should you still crave more bare breasted barbarian babes there is a clip from the sequel, Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back in the Brawling Babes section.


Locked out naked: a double bill (NSFW).

The locked out naked scenario is an ENF fantasy favourite and one which I have so far neglected to include in this section. To make up for this omission here is a double bill starting with a clip from the 1993 crime caper Killing Zoe in which the Zoe of the title, played by Julie Delpy, is taking a shower following a shag with the hero when a decidedly unpleasant fellow arrives and, being affronted by her presence, throws her out of the hotel room naked. After a while he relents and throws her clothes out after her. I think the film would have been better had he not done so and we then followed the misadventures of Zoe as she makes her way home in the buff trying not to attract too much attention as she does so rather than the bank heist which we actually get to see. But then I always think you just can't have too much ENF.


Next we have a scene from Wild Justice, made the following year, where an unnamed character played by Tracy Spottiswoode is engaged in some vigorous sexual activity with a chap when the fellow's enraged spouse arrives and throws her out into the street stark naked to the bemusement of the passers by although, once again, the embarrassing ordeal is all too brief for the ENF in question. If I was running the entertainment industry there would be a great many more bare babes on the screen and I believe the world would be a happier place for it.


ENF scenes from Tiffany Jones (NSFW).

The titular heroine of silly '70s spy caper Tiffany Jones (played by Anouska Hempel) thwarts the bad guys, rights wrongs and saves the day. She also loses her clothes on a regular basis. Here are a couple of examples.


An ENF loving alien (NSFW).

Embarrassed nude females are so popular that their appeal is not limited to human fans; even aliens enjoy a bit of ENF fun as we can see in this clip from the 1981 film Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) with a naked Judy Geeson being subjected to a spot of alien probing. While this movie is clearly no more than one of a slew of low budget knock offs of Alien which suddenly appeared to cash in on the success of that sci-fi classic I think the inclusion of some ENF action makes it stand out from the crowd. Surely we would all enjoy seeing ENF themed takes on science fiction classics. Given that in sci-fi the ENF possibilities are limited only by the writer’s imagination there is plenty of scope for clothes disintegration rays, mind control induced striptease or teleported space babes arriving at their destination only to find that their clothes have not been transported with them to name but a few potential scenarios.


ENF with a gun (NSFW).

Being abandoned in the middle of nowhere is a considerable misfortune but for this hapless girl (Jill Kelly) the ordeal is only just beginning. She is discovered by some sleazy characters running a vice ring, one of whom forces her to strip naked at gunpoint. She manages to escape, grabbing the gun (but not her clothes) to become a Naked Avenger. The rest of this sleaze fest is a series of gunfights in which she takes down all of the bad guys while remaining fully nude at all times. While I cannot pretend that this film is anything other than terrible if you are a fan of bare babes with guns I think you will enjoy it.







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