ENF at the movies 2

ENF at the movies 2 (NSFW)


Some video clips of embarrassed nude females losing their clothes in mainstream movies.


Spooky ENF (NSFW).

When Tara Wexford (Jenna Bodnar) returns to her ancestral home she discovers the place is haunted by a disembodied entity in Huntress: Spirit of the Night. This entity takes the form of a sort of will-of-the-wisp which goes around causing girl's clothes to dematerialise, leaving them bare and befuddled. I don't know about you but if I was a disembodied entity I would be getting up to this sort of thing at all hours of the day and night: surely that's the upside of being a spook.


Ninja ENF (NSFW).

The 1991 film Female Ninja Magic Chronicles spawned a whole franchise of silly and saucy female ninja movies in which ninja babes lose their clothes on a regular basis while performing their martial duties. In this clip the good girl ninjas are battling a bunch of bad boy ninjas when one of the boys decides to use his ninja skills to launch an ENF inducing attack on his opponent. This ploy backfires as he is distracted by the bare ninja babe who now confronts him but it is a cute ENF scene and one which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. If you like this video then rest assured that more clips from the nude ninja babe franchise will be gracing this site in future.


ENF in space (NSFW).

This clip is taken from the 1974 sex comedy Flesh Gordon in which the eponymous hero journeys to the planet Porno which has been identified as the source of a mysterious sex ray that has caused the people of Earth to fall victim to uncontrolled orgiastic fits, threatening to destroy society. Flesh is accompanied on his mission by his loyal companions Dr. Flexi Jerkoff and Dale Ardor (Suzanne Fields) as they battle against the autocratic ruler of Porno, Wang the Perverted. In this scene Dale has been abducted by a monster summoned by the excitable Wang and, as regular readers will know, monsters like nothing more than the sight of an embarrassed nude female and this behemoth is no exception as he rips off the clothes of his helpless victim to expose her pert and perky titties to our delighted gaze.


Historical CFNF (NSFW).

In the 2012 historical epic Farewell, My Queen a lady in waiting is so devoted to her royal mistress that she cannot refuse any request, even when those requests come with barely disguised lesbian undertones. When she is commanded to display herself naked she of course complies despite feeling more than a little embarrassed. This is some top notch ENF acting by Léa Seydoux while the queen (played by Diane Kruger) very much gives the impression that she is enjoying the show. I think this clip should bring joy to all you historical CFNF fans out there.


A CMNF girl market scene from Prime Cut (NSFW).

In the 1972 crime caper Prime Cut a sub contractor for the mob strikes out on his own, using a cattle farming business as a front for prostitution. Naturally the mob are none too pleased by his entrepreneurial spirit as it cuts them out of the deal so they send an enforcer to bring him into line. In this scene we see the renegade showing off his stock of bare babes to would be clients, taking special pride in fine young fillies Poppy and Violet (Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin) and immediately finding a buyer. Sissy Spacek fans will be interested to know that she has some further nude scenes later in the film.


An ENF witch hunt (NSFW).

When well meaning Maria (Rona De Ricci) protests against the persecution of alleged witches she doesn't expect The Spanish Inquisition which proves to be a glaring oversight on her part. Before she knows it she is hauled off to Inquisition HQ for interrogation which involves being stripped naked so she can be checked out for any signs of Satanic shenanigans in this celebrated ENF and CMNF scene from The Pit and the Pendulum. It seems there is a very fine line between doing the Lord's work and being a pervert as this clip makes plain. In any event this is a top rate cinematic portrayal of an embarrassed nude female, strengthening the case for the introduction of ENF acting awards but will Hollywood ever condone such a thing? Bugger all chance of that I fear.


Monster ENF (NSFW).

Those of you who have perused the Wild Wet Women section will know that girls who go skinny dipping run the risk of experiencing ENF. In this clip from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger a brace of babes, Dione and Farah (played by Taryn Power and Jane Seymore), are indulging in a spot of post skinny dip relaxation when they attract the attentions of an ENF loving monster who happens to be in the area. The discombobulated babes flee in terror, grabbing what cover they can as they go, no doubt leaving the monster with the sense of an ENF job well done. No wonder he's got the horn.


A naked superheroine exhibited in public (NSFW).

The Kekko Kamen franchise has given rise to a host of naked superheroine knock off movies. This clip is taken from one of the Mask the Glamour videos in which the hapless heroine is captured and unmasked by the bad guys. For those of you not familiar with the genre naked Japanese superheroines are not in the least embarrassed about being nude in public just so long as they remain masked. For such a character to be unmasked while in nude heroine mode is excruciatingly mortifying. These bad guys really ramp up the shame by displaying her, unmasked, naked and bound, to a huge crowd of people who very much seem to be enjoying the show. Needless to say, these ENF loving criminals are very much my sort of baddies.