ENF at the movies 3

ENF at the movies 3 (NSFW)


Another batch of befuddled babes finding themselves underessed and embarrassed in mainstream cinema.


Titskrieg: bare babes on the battlefield (NSFW).

When a group of female soldiers find themselves trapped behind enemy lines you might think that their situation couldn't be any worse but these girls have managed to lose their clothes too in a clip from Nazisploitation nonsense She Devils of the SS from 1973. When a rescue mission is mooted it seems the entire Wehrmacht wants to get in on the act. Well, I'm certainly not the heroic type but if a bunch of bare babes were in need of saving I would volunteer and so, I don't doubt, would most frequenters of this site, which does you credit. I salute you.


Demonic possession ENF (NSFW).

In the 1988 film Devil Sorcery an evil wizard uses his dark powers to seduce attractive women who catch his eye. Here we can see him sending an evil spirit to possess the latest object of his lust who just happens to be taking a shower at the time. This leads to the unfortunate female unwillingly exposing herself to her astonished family. If only there really was such a tome as The Grimoire of ENF; just imagine all the fun to be had.


Tara Fitzgerald naked in church (NSFW).

This clip from the 1994 film Sirens has to be one of the all time classics of ENF cinema with vicar's wife Tara having a waking nightmare that she is stark naked in the house of God in full view of all those pious folks. Her panic stricken reaction makes it one of my perennial favourites and provides yet more evidence that there really ought to be a "best portrayal of an embarrassed nude female in a motion picture" award at The Oscars.


Abducted embarrassed nude females (NSFW).

These clips are taken from The Abductors, the second film in the Ginger trilogy (clips from the other two can be found in the Brawling Babes section). The abductors of the title are a modern slavery gang who snatch girls for wealthy individuals who enjoy having sex slaves about the place. In the first clip we can see a group of girls on their way home after a night out falling prey to the despicable dastards.


Here they are some time later at the bad guy's lair being coerced into removing their knickers to demonstrate their compliance: a scene which should bring joy to the full on 1970s muff aficionados among you.


Automotive EUF from the film Wheels of Fire (NSFW).

The success of the original Mad Max film led to a spate of low budget knock off movies of which one of the most awful must be Wheels of Fire from 1985. Schlock though it is, the film does have a couple of redeeming features which we can see in this scene when the bad guys capture feisty heroine Arlie (Lynda Wiesmeier) and decide to transport her back to their camp by stripping her topless and affixing her to the front of the chief bad guy's car. We are all familiar with Rolls Royce's Spirit of Ecstasy but I think Arlie makes for a much more impressive mascot as her big floppy funbags wobble about entrancingly. As an added bonus she remains topless for pretty much all of the rest of the film, making it one to see for all fans of big pendulous boobies.


A shameless strumpet caught in the act (NSFW).

In this scene from the Hammer Horror classic Vampire Circus the village schoolmaster discovers that his wife Anna (Domini Blythe) has been cheating on him with the local vampire count. He at once calls out the pitchfork brigade to storm the count's castle ad reclaim his errant spouse. Alas for Anna the avengers burst in while she is engaged in illicit sex with her vampiric lover who is swiftly staked, leaving the hapless hussy naked and at the mercy of the outraged locals. Although she is given a shirt to cover her shame the next scene sees her dragged outside for a sound spanking before being banished. They certainly take a dim view of adultery around those parts.