ENF at the movies 4 (NSFW)


Yet more nude nubiles enduring embarrassment in the movies.


Dragged from the shower ENF (NSFW).

I have long thought that there should be an Oscar category for "best portrayal of an embarrassed nude female in a motion picture". Here is an example of some fine ENF acting by Kate Norby in the 2005 film The Devil's Rejects in which she plays a member of a touring band who have just arrived at a motel and she decides to take a shower just as a bunch of gun toting hillbillies burst in to take her band mates hostage before one of them drags her out of the shower and displays her to a room full of people. I'm sure you will agree that this is ENF acting at its best.


A naked Nazi girl paraded in public (NSFW).

As World War 2 drew to its conclusion Allied forces swept across Europe, liberating the populace from Nazi oppression. This was a time of great joy for most but for those who had collaborated with the invaders it became a day of retribution. This clip, taken from the autobiographical film Un Enfant dans la Foule, depicts the penalty decreed for many female collaborators which was to be paraded naked through the streets for the entertainment of the public. Should you think this scene to be cinematic invention there is an article detailing genuine historical instances of such summary justice here.


Mummy magic ENF (NSFW).

When an Egyptologist has a sarcophagus transported to his spooky Gothic castle he discovers that it contains a scroll which restores the accompanying mummy to life. Once revived the hilariously camp revenant unleashes a reign of terror, imprisoning the Egyptologist and luring local girls to the castle in order to drink their blood to sustain his unnatural life, making them Love Brides of the Blood Mummy, but not before using his mummy magic to mesmerise them into performing a striptease for him as we can see in this clip.


A stripping songstress (NSFW).

In this clip from the 1975 film Nashville a waitress by the name of Suellen (Gwen Welles) makes a bid for country music stardom despite the fact that she can’t sing a note. Some rather unsavoury promoters (who promise her a big break in show business) persuade her to perform at a convention and, when she is inevitably booed off, to strip off her clothes as an act of contrition. Although the striptease is pre-planned the ENF element kicks in when she loses her nerve and has to be cajoled into going through with it by more fulsome promises of stardom. She certainly conveys a convincing air of embarrassment and self-consciousness as she peels off for the leering crowd.


Joan of ENF (NSFW).

There are certainly some seriously dysfunctional families at large in the world but the Stackpool family from the 1996 black comedy Head of the Family take dysfunctionality to a whole new level. Myron, the head of the family, is quite literally that: a giant head on a diminutive body with powerful psychic abilities which he uses to control his siblings. When local boy Lance incurs his wrath by withholding information Myron attempts to make him spill the beans by abducting his girlfriend Lorretta (Jacqueline Lovell) for a family amateur dramatics production of the death of Joan of Arc. For some reason it is decided that Joan is to be executed in the nude, which I reckon is a distinct improvement on the original story.


An ENF bathing scene (NSFW).

The Bloody Judge, released in 1970, is a tale of terror in which the tyrannical judge delights in having innocent women burned at the stake on spurious charges of witchcraft. Once accused, a girl's only chance of escaping the flames is by prostituting herself to his lordship. Here is one girl (played by Maria Rohm) plucked from the dungeon for that very purpose and, because dungeons are unhygienic places, being given a quick wash and brush up before being escorted to the judge's chambers. All of which occurs in full view of the prison guards and the other inmates. Rather embarrassing no doubt but a spot of ENF is less traumatic than being burned to a crisp.


Naughty Nazi girl gets a spanking (NSFW).

The 1970s has often been called "the decade that taste forgot" and not without some justification. Here is an example from the many Nazisploitation films made at that time, Hitler's Last Train, in which we can see two of the key elements of the genre, gratuitous female nudity and BDSM, very much to the fore. In this scene the SS brothel train of the title (which has been commissioned to cater for the depraved sexual appetites of senior Nazi officers) has been ambushed by a group of partisans, one of whom, Olga (Yolanda Ríos), was forced to work as a prostitute on the train before escaping to join the resistance. Olga gleefully grasps the opportunity to take revenge on her former captors, not least by having aristocratic arch Nazi Rita (Claudine Beccarie) stripped naked and subjected to a sound spanking.


Vintage ENF: Hedy Lamarr naked in Ecstasy (NSFW).

The 1933 film Ecstasy features a splendid early example of cinematic ENF with a scene which features star of the Silver Screen Hedy Lamarr skinny dipping in a lake when a mischievous horse decides run off with her clothes. Poor Hedy has no option but to chase the rascally ruminant over hill and dale naked and embarrassed, no doubt praying she doesn’t bump into anyone along the way. Alas it seems her prayers have gone unanswered as the saucy horse leads her on a merry chase (accompanied by a stirring 1930s ENF soundtrack) drawing her inexorably towards a gang of construction workers who seem to be the only people for miles around. One public spirited fellow sets off in pursuit of the fleeing quadruped and is rewarded by the enchanting sight of Hedy Lamarr naked and cowering in the bushes, coyly covering herself with her hands.