ENF at the movies 5

ENF at the Movies 5 (NSFW)


Another batch of befuddled bare babes losing their clothing in the movies.


Satanic ENF at a black mass (NSFW).

The 1971 documentary film Secret Rites opens with this scene of an orgiastic black mass at which a hapless victim is stripped of her clothes by a coven of sex crazed diabolists before being rescued by a crucifix wielding do gooder. This fictional scene is included to demonstrate precisely what doesn't go on at Wiccan ceremonies before self proclaimed King of the Witches Alex Sanders and his followers demonstrate the somewhat twee and suburban reality of the subject. I definitely prefer the fictional version.


Slapstick tit slip (NSFW).

There has long been a connection between comedy and ENF of which a fine example is this scene from the 1983 film Class in which a genteel afternoon tea situation descends into ribaldry, culminating in one of the ladies present, Lisa (played by Virginia Madsen), being left with her boob exposed to the delight of all present. This clip always makes me smile and will hopefully do the same for you.


A Jenny Agutter ENF double bill (NSFW).

Back in the 1970s you might have been forgiven for thinking that Jenny Agutter simply couldn't step in front of a movie camera without wanting to take all her clothes off. While this is probably overstating things a bit she certainly did rather a lot of nude scenes including a couple of fine ENF instances which I present here for your viewing pleasure. The first is taken from the spaghetti Western China 9, Liberty 37 in which rancher's wife Jenny is doing a spot of nude bathing when she is chanced upon by hired gun Clayton (Fabio Testi). So smitten is Clayton with this vision of loveliness that he spends the rest of the film giving Jenny a jolly good seeing to at every opportunity which, in my view, is a perfectly understandable reaction.

This clip is from the 1971 film Walkabout where we get to see Jenny once again being interrupted at her ablutions, this time by a young aborigine chap (David Gumpilil) practising his bush-craft by trying to get a sneaky peek at Jenny's bush. Although he is unsuccessful at this attempt he gets to see it all (as do the rest of us) later in the film when she loses her inhibitions and her clothes for some more water based nudity.


Motorcycle strip (NSFW).

In this clip from 2069: a Sex Odyssey an alien babe from the planet Venus is attempting to blend in with the Earthlings by donning some clothes stolen from an Earth girl while she was having a sauna. The enraged owner of the purloined clothing pursues the thief out into the street wearing only a towel and apprehends the culprit just as a motorcycle cop turns up. Alas for the towel clad girl this cop is another disguised alien who not only assists her comrade in escaping justice but also subjects the clothes theft victim to an impromptu motorcycle strip, adding embarrassment to injury.


Two ENF clips from The Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (NSFW).

Here is another embarrassed nude female losing her clothes to a motorcycle when the plumber’s mate of the title gives saucy strumpet Sally (Nina West) a lift on his bike. Being a sauce-pot Sally has decided to go out and about without any underwear but fails to notice when dismounting that her dress is caught up on the bike which pulls away to rip off the garment in classic Benny Hill fashion, leaving her standing stark naked in the street.

The second of the ENF mishaps occurs when our lusty hero is fixing a housewife’s garbage disposal system and asks her to give it a test. Alas for housewife Maisie, played by Lindy Benson, the sleeve of her kaftan (a sort of cross between a dress and a dressing gown in vogue at the time) gets dragged into the garbage disposal so that it is inexorably stripped from her until she is completely nude while she shrieks in alarm and embarrassment.


Wild West ENF (NSFW).

Here is a rare example of Wild West ENF taken from the 1970 film The Ballad of Cable Hogue in which the titular hero, having been betrayed and left to die in the desert, is saved when he discovers a spring of sweet fresh water in that arid place. Not only does this discovery save his life but makes his fortune as it provides a rest stop for weary and thirsty stagecoach travellers willing to pay for a much needed drink. Soon Cable acquires himself some female companionship in the delightful form of Hildy (Stella Stevens). One day Hildy is taking advantage of all that water to have a refreshing outdoor bath when the stagecoach turns up well ahead of schedule to leave the discombobulated babe scrambling for cover while the occupants of the coach enjoy the show.