Exhibitionist cinema

Exhibitionist cinema (NSFW).


Bodacious bare babes in mainstream movies.


Exhibitionism: The Musical (NSFW).

Here is a video of Rockbitch, my all time favourite girl band, in action performing Holy for an enraptured audience. These saucy sirens not only performed in states of undress but also indulged in on stage sex acts (sometimes involving lucky members of the audience) until the self appointed arbiters of morality finally got them banned from appearing anywhere with even their cinematic magnum opus Bitchcraft now being all but unobtainable. It seems our liberal 21st Century society is strangely intolerant of women who manifest unrestrained sexual appetites. Do I detect the fetid whiff of double standards? Surely not.


Revolutionary exhibitionism (NSFW).

The 1976 film Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheikhs sees Dyanne Thorne revive her role as Ilsa (you can see her in the first Ilsa film in the Mad Science and Monsters section). When revolutionary forces threaten to overthrow the despotic regime by which she is employed Ilsa sends her two trusty lieutenants, Satin and Velvet (Tanya Boyd and Marilyn Joi) to battle the insurgents. This brace of bodacious babes decide to enter the fray wearing nothing but their thong panties. Perhaps there is a sound military strategy behind this move but I suspect it is more likely a flimsy excuse for yet more gratuitous female nudity. Either way, it makes for a highly entertaining battle scene.


Emergency exhibitionism (NSFW).

In the 1972 horror film The Flesh and Blood Show a group of young actors decide to rehearse their upcoming play in a creepy old theatre only to fall victim to all sorts of sinister shenanigans. At the start of the film two of the actresses, Carol and Jane (played by Luan Peters and Judy Matheson) are soundly asleep in their flat when they are awakened by a frantic knocking at the door. Carol brazenly answers the door without bothering to put any clothes on and is startled to discover fellow cast member John, apparently the victim of a stabbing, leaking claret all over the place, leading Carol to run about in a panic with her big bouncing boobies jiggling vigorously. Jane rather unsportingly has her nightwear on so alas we don’t get to see her boobs in this scene but rest assured that she does have a nude scene later in the film, as indeed do all the other actresses with never more than a few minutes going by without another bared beauty showing it all off (this is a 1970s horror film after all).


A strange strippergram (NSFW).

Many strippergrams have acts which involve peeling off uniforms of one kind or another. We are all familiar with stripping police officers (of which there are couple of examples on page 4), nurses and so forth. This routine, from the 1977 film Red Nights of the Gestapo, seems to be aimed at what I imagine would be a rather niche market. Of course if this video gets a lot of views I may have to revise that opinion.


Dopey exhibitionist (NSFW).

This clip from the 1978 remake of The Big Sleep features Candy Clark as pampered heiress Camilla Sternwood who has fallen prey to a blackmailer whose cunning plan is to persuade her to get naked for a photo shoot while she is on one of her habitual drug binges and then use the resulting saucy photos as leverage to extort money from her family. Considering that Candy is naked for the photographer, then the blackmailer and finally a private detective who arrives too late to save the day we are treated to three CMNF scenes for the price of one which seems like quite a bargain to me.


Devout exhibitionism (NSFW).

Organised religion isn't usually my thing but this sect, featured in the splendidly nonsensical 1991 film The Holy Virgin vs the Evil Dead, has an article of faith which grabbed my attention as I'm sure it will grab yours in that its ceremonies feature oodles of bare babes. I suspect many people who are normally not at home to God botherers would happily invite some unclothed emissaries from this church into their homes to expound their views. Their pamphlets probably make for interesting reading too.


Whore racing from the Vatican (NSFW).

This clip is actually from the TV series The Borgias rather than a film but I trust you will enjoy it none the less for that. It depicts a putative event during the papacy of Rodrigo Borgia (as Alexander VI) in which a whore race was organised for his entertainment. Whatever the truth of the matter there is no doubt that Rodrigo was a most pervy pontiff who is known to have fathered numerous illegitimate children. I've no doubt that such a lusty fellow would have enjoyed the sight of a bunch of girls getting nude in public for a raunchy sporting spectacle and I'm confident that you will too.


Exhibitionism in the workplace (NSFW).

I'm sure you will all applaud the entrepreneurial spirit shown by the owner of this hair salon in the 1972 film Lehrmadchen Report. With all those unfettered boobies on display who wouldn't want to drop in for for a quick rinse and blow dry? One would have thought there would be a global franchise of such places by now but, try as I might, I have never been able to find a single one.


Artistic exhibitionism: Liv Tyler pops out a boob (NSFW).

Art house movies don't usually float my boat but one exception to the rule is Stealing Beauty from 1996. The main reason for this is Liv Tyler being utterly adorable as the film's central character, Lucy Harmon, who rocks up at an artistic commune in Tuscany where she soon captivates the denizens with her pert and perky pulchritude. Here she is popping out a boob (for purely artistic reasons, of course) which soon attracts quite an audience. She also shows us her other boob in another scene but I shall leave it to you to watch the film for yourself and decide which one is your favourite.






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