Exhibitionist cinema (NSFW).


CFNF and CMNF video clips from mainstream movies.


CMNF and CFNF medical exams (NSFW).

Here are some clips from the 1973 film Frauleins in Uniform showing a bunch of patriotic girls in 1940s Germany who have enlisted in the army to help with the war effort. To ensure that they are all fit and healthy they are subjected to medical examinations while they are all stark naked by some medical staff who don't seem terribly excited about doing what many of us would consider a dream job. These girls even get naked for psychological evaluations which may seem a bit unnecessary but it is no doubt a very therapeutic experience for the psychologist involved.


Bare breasted babes run amok (NSFW).

Just imagine that you are an intrepid explorer in search of a lost civilisation and that when you discover this elusive culture it turns out to be comprised entirely of scantily clad babes who live on top of a mountain of gold. Sounds like an earthly paradise, right? Well, that's exactly what happens to one happy chap in the 1986 film Golden Temple Amazons. Unfortunately for him these babe breasted warrior babes don't take kindly to interlopers.


CMNF in the pub (NSFW).

In recent years the hospitality industry has been engulfed by a crisis with vast numbers of public houses being forced into closure, sparking debate as to how these once cherished institutions might be saved from extinction. Well, they could take a lead from this scene from Game of Thrones in which the patrons of an ale house are treated some CMNF entertainment. A chap by the name of Bronn is enjoying his ale when he attracts the attentions of saucy strumpet Armeca (Sahara Knite) who seems strangely besotted with the gnarly old warrior’s nose. For his part, Bronn is not so concerned with Armeca’s proboscis as he is with other parts of her anatomy and he wastes no time in stripping her completely naked in front of his entranced fellow drinkers so that all present can admire her charms before lounging back to sup his ale with Armeca sitting on his knee as naked as the day she was born. Lucky sod.


A CMNF garden party (NSFW).

The saucy spy caper Tiffany Jones, made in 1973, certainly doesn't lack for bare babes (it was the 1970s, after all) and may even have set a record for most naked ladies in a scene from a mainstream movie when a visiting foreign dignitary needs to be distracted as part of a plot to bring about regime change and what better distraction than a whole host of girls stripping in front of him? Even if it isn't quite a record you must admit it looks very much like CMNF heaven on Earth.


CMNF in space (NSFW).

When a pair of daring chaps blast off into space to explore the Moon they little suspect that their destination is not only habitable but is inhabited by a race of scantily clad Moon babes in the 1961 nudey cutie classic Nude on the Moon, directed by the legendary Doris Wishman. Here is a montage of the intrepid explorers getting to know the natives as they explore this saucy new world. I'm amazed that NASA never used this as a recruitment video: I would have signed up for the space program in an instant. If you have a keen interest in astronomy you can watch the full movie at The Internet Archive.


Help needed (NSFW).

Hidden camera shows could be saucy affairs back in the 1970s as we can see in this clip from the UK version of the Candid Camera franchise in which a naked lady flags down various passing chaps to ask for directions. I suspect that girls who got up to this sort of thing nowadays would find themselves getting into all sorts of trouble with the law. Will this senseless oppression of naked women never end?


Dancing naked (NSFW).

Here is another offering from the wonderful world of 1970s German sex comedies featuring Ingrid Steeger as a girl who appears as a spectral exhibitionist and performs a naked dance routine for a very lucky chap in The Calendar Girls. How I wish I could find a saucy spell book which would allow me to summon ethereal babe babes to gyrate around like Ingrid. Surely such a tome is out there somewhere awaiting discovery.


A CMNF spy scene (NSFW)

The honey trap is a tried and trusted espionage technique which has landed many an unwary fellow in trouble over the centuries. This clip from the 1976 Nazisploitation movie Salon Kitty (based on a genuine Nazi run brothel in which all of the supposed prostitutes were, in fact, agents of the regime) shows one garrulous fellow talking himself into an early grave. It only goes to show that bare babes are likely to cloud a chap's thinking in even the most perilous of circumstances.