Exhibitionist cinema 2

Exhibitionist cinema 2 (NSFW).


Bodacious bare babes in mainstream movies.


A harem of exhibitionists (NSFW).

The 1964 nudie cutie film My Tale is Hot is all about the Devil trying to lure a guy into having an extramarital affair in order to claim his soul. All of his diabolical machinations fail, however, and the reason for this becomes clear when we discover that the intended victim already has 365 wives (one for every day of the year) in his very own harem. Here is the happy chap enjoying the company of a few of his near and fully nude spouses until the Devil (keen to escape the shrewish Mrs Satan) invites himself to stay for a much needed break. If you think you can hold your feelings of envy for this lucky sod in check the full movie is available for free at The Internet Archive.


Alien babes stripping in public (NSFW).

A bunch of alien babes from Venus arrive on planet Earth to collect sperm samples from male humans in the saucy '70s comedy 2069: a Sex Odyssey. Their original plan is to extract the sperm using technology but they soon realise that the humans are only too happy to cooperate. All the space babes need to do is take their clothes off to induce compliance as we can see in this scene.


Aquatic exhibitionism (NSFW).

When an ageing artist fears that he is losing his creativity he retires to a secluded island in the hope of recovering his artistic mojo. There he encounters saucy young minx Cora (Helen Mirren) who becomes his muse in the 1969 film Age of Consent. In this scene Cora gleefully agrees to get naked for a dollar and a half an hour which, even allowing for inflation, seems like an amazing bargain. I think you will agree that the enchanting unclothed Cora would be more than enough to restore anyone's mojo, artistic or otherwise.


Bare babes in a drug lab (NSFW).

When kung fu cop Billy Wong (Jackie Chan) leads his team in a raid on the bad guy's drug lab in the 1985 film The Protector they discover not only a vast stash of drugs but also a bevy of bare babes. Being dedicated law enforcers Billy and his team blow the whole place to smithereens, despite the fact that many of us might consider a building full of drugs and bare babes nothing less than an earthly paradise.


An exhibitionist New Year (NSFW).

In this clip from Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight Virtues we get to see a traditional Bohachi Clan ceremony which is performed at the start of each year. Now that's what I call a happy new year. (If you like this clip you may be interested to know that there are more bare Bohachi babes in the Tits of Fury section.)


Exhibitionism in the jungle (NSFW).

When an explorer goes missing in the jungles of Papua New Guinea his wife, Susan (played by former Bond girl Ursula Andress), decides to lead a rescue expedition to The Mountain of the Cannibal God, blissfully unaware that there might be a tribe of cannibals in the area. Soon the party are captured by the locals whereupon a couple of cannibal babes waste no time in getting Susan stripped down and tied up before basting her in BBQ sauce.


Satan's strumpet (NSFW).

Satanic shenanigans are afoot in the 1971 horror flick The Blood on Satan's Claw as the Evil One possesses various villagers in Old England. One of his minions, the ironically named Angel Blake (Linda Hayden) sets out to seduce the vicar with a brazen act of exhibitionism. You would imagine this would have any upstanding member of the clergy pitching a cassock tent in the blink of an eye but this fellow is made of stern stuff and sends the satanic strumpet on her way. He certainly demonstrates a lot more moral fibre than I could have summoned had I found myself in his stead.


Exhibitionist at a party (NSFW).

In this clip from the 1962 nudie cutie offering House on Bare Mountain a saucy strumpet is really making the party go with a swing (along with a bounce and a jiggle for good measure). She is just the sort of party girl you would think everyone would invite to their soirees but, alas, that rarely seems to be the case.