Exhibitionist cinema 4

Exhibitionist cinema 4 (NSFW)


Further cinematic examples of female flashers.


The marvellous Misty Mundae (NSFW).

Misty Mundae (aka Erin Brown) is on record as saying that she considers herself fortunate to get paid for doing what she loves, namely being an exhibitionist and making out with lots of girls. I think we can all consider ourselves fortunate to have our lives enriched by Misty's effervescent personality and adorably elfin figure. It is my belief that her talent for comedy could have seen her become a success in the cinematic mainstream, but then we would have missed out on all that gratuitous nudity and lesbian sex. To illustrate what I mean here are a couple of clips from her works, starting with the 2002 saucy Tomb Raider parody Mummy Raider which sees Misty pitted against a Nazi babe scientist who employs mummy resurrection as a means to launch the Fourth Reich.

Here she is in Playmate of the Apes in which she plays the commander of an all-girl spaceship crew who lose control of their craft during a particularly vigorous lesbian sex session and crash land on a planet ruled by apes while humans are their hapless minions. The crew are forced to work as strippers for the amusement of their ape overlords and Misty soon attracts the amorous attentions of ape babe scientist Dr Cornholeous.


Exhibitionist on a motorcycle (NSFW).

This clip is taken from the cult 1971 road movie Vanishing Point, the plot of which revolves around a guy delivering a car from Colorado to California, dodging the cops and encountering a variety of eccentric 1970s characters along the way. One of those characters is the aptly named Nude Rider, played by the pleasingly pert and perky Gilda Texter, who very much lives up to her name when she rocks up on her motorcycle stark naked. Sadly this is all the screen time she gets in the film: I think it would have been a great improvement if she had been a major character. Come to that why did she never get her own spin off film franchise or TV series? Truly the minds of movie moguls are a closed book to me.


Breakfast is served - by a naked maid (NSFW).

Back in the days before streaming video we were often forced to leave our homes in search of entertainment. One option was the late night screenings at the local fleapit cinema (which happily began just after the pubs closed for the night) where patrons could enjoy a cheesy mix of sci-fi, horror, sword and sorcery, kung fu and softcore pornography. Here is a sample of the delights we could view through the haze of redolent smoke which often filled such venues, taken from the German sex comedy Frühreifen-Report (Early Awakening Report) in which a lusty young fellow is being served breakfast by family maid Erna (Marisa Feldy) and just can't help imagining that she is going about her duties naked.


Stripping policewomen (NSFW).

A serial killer is on the loose and murdering centrefold models in the ultra cheesy 1978 film The Playbirds. Having repeatedly failed to apprehend the culprit the police decide the best course of action is to have a policewoman go undercover as a glamour model to catch the murderous fiend in the act. This involves the two senior officers on the case holding a series of casting sessions in which stripping policewomen audition for the part. I do not know the identity of the first female cop to shed the livery of the law in this clip but the second is 70s porn legend Mary Millington. I hope you will enjoy the show rather more than the glum faced cops seem to be, although I suspect the actors may have been more than a little dispirited at appearing in such a sleazy schlockfest.


The life of a Pethouse plaything (NSFW).

Here is a flight of fantasy from the 1987 film Amazon Women on the Moon which imagines that centrefold models such as Taryn Steele (Monique Gabrielle) are actually naked all the time. It's a happy thought.

Exhibitionist horseplay (NSFW).

A lucky chap finds himself at the centre of a tug of love as two girls, Christine and Jordan (played by Phoebe Cates and Betsy Russell) vie for his affection in 1983's Private School. Here is Jordan trying to lure his attention away from Christine by flashing her boobs from horseback; a situation which rapidly spirals out of control.


Phoebe Cates naked in Paradise (NSFW).

Phoebe Cates fans will no doubt be disappointed that I did not also include a clip of her in the buff but alas she is just about the only female student who remains fully clothed throughout Private School. So here is a clip from Paradise, made the previous year, in which she does have a couple of nude scenes. I trust this will keep all you Phoebe fans happy.