Naughty nuns

Naughty nuns (NSFW)


Videos of nude nuns in flagellation and lesbian scenes from nunsploitation movies.


A naughty nun in need of discipline (NSFW).

Pent up passions tend to run very high amongst all the repressed nuns in nunsploitation movies and The True Story of the Nun of Monza is no exception with overwrought cenobite Sister Virginia (Zora Kerova) experiencing some very saucy visions of her lord and saviour. Being a very devout repressed nun Sister Virginia realises that she must be punished for having such naughty thoughts so to this end she enlists the help of Sister Benedetta (Paola Montenero) to give her a sound thrashing and, as you can see, Sister Benedetta is very enthusiastic about punishing sinners.


Naughty nuns having fun (NSFW).

In the world on nunsploitation movies temptation is never far away with all those nubile nuns locked up together in the confines of the convent. Here is a case in point from the 1972 film An Act of Confession with Sister Beatrice and Sister Jennifer, played with admirable enthusiasm by Kim Durey and Cyndee Summers, being so distracted by one another that they forget all about praying and give in to the temptations of the flesh.


A naughty nun flashes her boobs (NSFW).

When troublesome Isabella (Paola Senatore) is sent to a convent for the good of her soul by her strict uncle she is not best pleased about it in the more than usually raunchy nunsploitation movie Images in a Convent. She shows her rebellious nature immediately by refusing to fasten her novice's habit and flashing her boobs at the Mother Superior. I need hardly tell you that Isabella is going to be subjected to plenty of flagellation (and, of course, lesbian sex) before the film is over.


Naughty nuns from the future (NSFW).

In a post apocalyptic future the final hope of humanity lays with a group of roller skating nuns called The Bod Sisters in the 1986 B movie Roller Blade. When not battling the forces of evil these saucy sisters spend a lot of their time naked (as well as occasionally losing their clothes in combat too). Here we can see three new members of the sisterhood being checked out in the nude by supremo Mother Speed before being sent forth to "skate the path of sisterhood". Surely cheesy cinema doesn't get much better than this.


Remote controlled nun (NSFW).

When Sister Maria joins a convent she little suspects it is a front for all sorts of BDSM shenanigans as she is coerced into becoming a Nun in Rope Hell. Among the indignities to which she is subjected by the shadowy figure running the show is being fitted with a remote controlled orgasm inducing contraption which we can see being tested out in this clip. Apparently this is some sort of anti escape device employed to curtail her frequent breaks for freedom. It certainly stops her in her tracks whenever it is activated. Quite apart from remote controlled orgasms this is very much the go to film for all fans of non stop nuns in bondage and nun on nun flagellation action.


Welcome to the convent (NSFW).

When novice nun Maria (Susan Hemingway) arrives at the convent in the 1977 movie Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun she is at first given a warm welcome by her new sisters but, because this is a Nunsploitation film, this happiness is short lived as the mandatory sadistic lesbian mother superior bursts in to force the novice to remove her clothes before making her don a bra of thorns. Poor Maria's misfortunes are only just beginning as the sadistic supremo subjects her to one torment after another for the entire duration of the feature, for this mother superior is not only a sadist and a lesbian but also a practitioner of every form of sexual deviancy and a closet satanist who summons the Horned One (played, appropriately enough, by Herbert Fux) to give all the naughty nuns a damned good seeing to. All in all, one of the finest Nunsploitation movies ever made (especially if you are a fan of naked nuns in BDSM scenarios).





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