Saucy celebs

Saucy celebs (NSFW)


Some revealing and nude celebrity gifs I have made over the years

transcoded to mp4 video for your viewing pleasure.


Julie Delpy nude in Killing Zoe (NSFW).

Those of you who enjoyed the video of Julie Delpy locked out naked in the ENF at the Movies section will, I hope, savour these clips of her showing off her beautiful bijou boobies in another scene from Killing Zoe.



Jenny Agutter nude in Equus (NSFW).

Surely no collection of saucy celebs from yesteryear would be complete without the inclusion of Jenny Agutter so here she is at her exhibitionist best in Equus. For some reason the scene from which these clips are taken was shot in a strange orange light. I have tried to make the lighting look more natural by adjusting the white balance which will, I hope, enhace your viewing pleasure. First of all, here she is showing her perfectly pert and perky boobies.


And here's her peachy bottom. You can see more of Jenny in the ENF at the Movies section.


Susan Penhaligon nude scenes (NSFW).

Here are a couple of clips of one of my favourite '70s saucy celebs; Susan Penhaligon. The first sees her showing off her pert and peachy little bottom in House of Mortal Sin from 1976.


Here's Susan flashing her neatly trimmed bush in Private Road, made in 1971. If you would like to see more of Susan you can check her out in the Exhibitionist Cinema section.





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