Strange cinema

Strange cinema


Strange, surreal and sexy video clips from the movies.


Daydreaming done right (NSFW).

An artist (Julie Graham) finds herself constantly drifting off into daydreams about naked girls in the 1991 short film Rosebud. Perhaps you think there's nothing strange about that but I understand that there are many people in the world who are unfortunate enough not to find themselves being haunted by visions of bare babes at all hours. Should you be one of that unhappy band try watching the video a few times and then closing your eyes for a bit. It could be just the nudge that your imagination needs.


Lesbians on acid (NSFW).

The rise of the use of LSD as a recreational drug in the 1960s led to the authorities launching campaigns to put a stop to such activities. Here, for example, is a film made in 1969 called Alice in Acidland which highlights the dangers of LSD use as the central character, Alice Trenton (Sheri Jackson), starts hanging out with a bunch of acid users only to find her life descending into a mire of depravity. One side effect of LSD use, according to the film, is that it can turn heterosexual girls into lesbians. Indeed, it asserts that lesbians unscrupulously use LSD to seduce unsuspecting girls as we can see in this scene where predatory lesbian Frieda (Julia Blackburn) persuades Alice to take acid as a prelude to luring her into the bath for some soapy sapphic shenanigans. Oh, the humanity.


Dark deeds in the vampire dungeon (NSFW).

Lesbian couple Marie and Michelle (Marie-Pierre Castel and Mireille Dargent) travel around France robbing people while dressed as clowns in a crime spree which soon draws the ire of the authorities. Seeking somewhere to hide from the police the badass babes chance upon a spooky castle which, not surprisingly, turns out to be the lair of a vampire in the 1971 crime horror mashup Requiem for a Vampire. When the vampire types demand information from Marie, which she refuses to disclose, Michelle has no option but to chain her up in the vampire dungeon and give her a sound thrashing for her own good in a scene which I imagine will bring joy to the CFNF lesbian domination fans among you.


A seance turns strange and saucy (NSFW).

If you are a fan of 1980s scream queens then you are going to love this clip from Nightmare Sisters which features no less than three of them (Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer) taking part in a seance when they are possessed by a saucy spirit and lose their clothes to become a trio of sultry sirens. After this transformation they remain undressed for pretty much the rest of the film as the boys get to ogle them in one CMNF scene after another. While most horror films of that decade may not have been of the highest quality they certainly boasted plenty of bare babes.


Strange and saucy sword and sorcery (NSFW).

When the sword and sorcery TV series Game of Thrones burst onto our screens in 2011 it brought with it a host of bare babes, kindling the hope that such CMNF scenes might be about to make a welcome return to mainstream entertainment. Sadly this was not to be but at least the earlier episodes left us with some happy memories such as this scene in which willing wench Daisy, played by Masie Dee, has been hired to entertain pampered princeling Joffrey Baratheon only to discover that Joffrey has some very peculiar and perverted tastes. Masie Dee graced many a spanking video in her career (as any internet search for her will prove) but I think this must have been the strangest of them all.


Unusual after school activities (NSFW).

When socially awkward schoolgirl Yuzuki Muto (Noriko Kijima) decides to sign up for some after school activities in order to make new friends she unwittingly joins The Torture Club in the 2014 comedy of the same name. It transpires that this is a club sponsored by a shady government department to train a new generation of interrogators by encouraging schoolgirls to indulge in all sorts of CFNF BDSM activities. At first it seems that the young heroine may not be cut out for this sort of thing but as the film goes on she slowly begins to get into her stride. I think that this movie provides yet more evidence (as if more were needed) that the Japanese film industry is an absolute world beater when it comes to off the wall entertainment.


Alice in Nightmare Land.

Alice in Wonderland is a strange tale which has lent itself to many weird and wonderful film and TV adaptations over the years but the 1987 film Alice, directed by Jan Švankmajer, takes things into the realm of nightmare. In this scene Alice (Kristýna Kohoutová) is being besieged by a very creepy White Rabbit and his equally disturbing chums.


A saucy circus act (NSFW).

The zenith of strange cinema occurred in the acid drenched 1960s and here is another example of cinematic weirdness from those halcyon days. This one is taken from the 1968 movie The Girl on a Motorcycle in which sixties sex bomb Marianne Faithfull gets astride her trusty chopper to escape her humdrum marriage and go in search of excitement and adventure. In this scene, which occurs at the start of the film, she has a dream about being a circus performer who is carried around the ring atop a galloping horse while the ringmaster (who is also her former lover) whips off her clothes until she is careering around the ring stark naked in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. (WARNING: this video contains images of clowns).





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