Strange cinema 2

Strange cinema 2.


When movies take a turn for the weird.


Perverse puppetry (NSFW).

Before he became a producer of big budget movies pandering to the peccadilloes of hobbit fanciers Sir Peter Jackson made a series of awesome gross out comedies in his native New Zealand. Here is an example of his trademark vulgarity taken from Meet the Feebles, released in 1989, which has been described as an X rated Muppet movie. There is certainly plenty of sex, violence and drug taking throughout. I don't know about you but I much prefer his earlier works.


Super sci-fi ninja boobs (NSFW).

Martial arts, super powers and bared babes combine in this clip from the spectacularly daft 2007 film Super Ninja Doll. In this scene the heroine, Eriko (Christine Nguyen), discovers that, far from wasting her life by reading comic books instead of doing her college work, she has in fact been preparing herself for her part in a galactic battle between the forces of good and evil. A cosmic storm has opened a portal between our reality and the comic book dimension, allowing a couple of supervillains to enter our world where they set about abducting babe scientists as part of their nefarious scheme. Here we can see the very moment in which Eriko learns of her epic destiny.


A rather ribald robbery (NSFW).

The 1997 film Hideous! tells the tale of rival collectors of monstrous creatures who are locked in fierce competition with one another to secure the most freakish creatures for their private museums. This rivalry sometimes spills over into criminal activity as in this scene where freak collector Napoleon Lazar (Mel Johnson Jr) is heading home with his newest specimen only to be ambushed by a hireling of one of his rivals (Jacqueline Lovell) in a bizarre and ribald robbery scenario.


A luxury cruise gone awry (NSFW).

Here is another example of surreal 1960s comedy from The Magic Christian. The plot revolves around Guy Grand (Peter Sellers), a man so insanely rich that he can buy anything (or anyone) he pleases on a whim. Back then, the mere idea that an individual could be so wealthy was fantastical, unlike the prosaic multi-billionaires of our own age. Guy spends his near unlimited wealth playing practical jokes on humanity at large, including a luxury cruise on the ultra-opulent liner The Magic Christian. The dream cruise descends into nightmare as the passengers are subjected to a series of increasingly warped mind games. In this example some of them, believing the ship to be sinking, blunder into the engine room to discover it has a most unusual means of propulsion (and an eccentric chief engineer in the form of late lamented 1960s sex goddess Raquel Welch).


The British aristocracy, God bless them.

The central premise of the 1972 comedy The Ruling Class is that the upper echelons of British society are all dangerously deranged. This is, of course, an absurd notion (almost as absurd as believing that Your Humble Blogger could be blatantly sarcastic). Witness, for example, the 13th Earl of Gurney indulging in some good old fashioned aristocratic fun.


Who was Jack the Ripper?

This is a question that has perplexed researchers for over a century with countless books and documentaries failing to produce a definitive answer. This investigation from 1987's Amazon Women on the Moon offers us one of the more eccentric theories.


Trampolining transvestite nuns.

The second half of the 1960s saw a number of surreal comedy films of which one of the finest (at least in my opinion) is Bedazzled from 1967. This movie tells the tale of love lorn loser Stanley Moon (played by Dudley Moore) who sells his soul to the Devil (Peter Cook) in return for seven wishes. Stanley expends his wishes trying to win the love of a waitress called Margaret (Eleanor Bron) with whom he is besotted. The Devil, however, makes every wish go awry to torment Stanley for his own diabolical amusement. In this scene Stanley has wished that he and Margaret can be somewhere free of men so that their love might blossom only to find himself a nun with the Devil as mother superior. The first time I saw this display of trampolining transvestite nuns I was helpless with laughter and it still makes me chuckle to this day. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Demonic possession (or not). (NSFW)

This clip is taken from the 1976 German sex comedy Schoolgirl Report 10, one of a series of Report films made in the 70s, each of which is a series of cameos on the subject of saucy shenanigans. In this section of the film sex starved teenager Seffi (portrayed by Alexandra Bogojevic) hatches a plan to feign demonic possession while visiting her aunt and uncle so that her boyfriend, disguised as a priest, can turn up as if sent by heaven to give her a good hard exorcism in the privacy of her bedroom.

An unusual working relationship.

The 2002 movie Secretary follows the fortunes of closet masochist Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who takes a job as secretary to businessman Mr Grey (James Spader). It turns out that Mr Grey is a strict disciplinarian and the pair soon develop an unusual working relationship which nonetheless makes both of them extremely happy.