Strange cinema 4

Strange cinema 4


Bizarre and NSFW video clips from the movies.


Inside a feminist collective (NSFW).

The 1995 film Burial of the Rats takes its title from a horror story by Bram Stoker but otherwise there is little to connect the two. The movie concerns itself with a 19th Century feminist collective who embark on a reign of rat based terror in an attempt to take down the patriarchy. Bram Stoker appears as a character who joins the feminists ostensibly to support their cause but is in reality enamoured with one of the collective's members. The idea that a self professed male feminist could be a surreptitious sex pest may seem a little far fetched but perhaps such characters really do exist. When not engaged in murder and mayhem these feminists like to be entertained by topless dancing girls and acts of gratuitous rat abuse such as we see here.


Super strangeness.

If, like me, you find the endless slew of Hollywood superhero movies unoriginal and predictable to the point of nausea then this clip from Super B, made in the Philippines, should provide a welcome change. It stars Rufa Mae Quinto as Bilma, a rather eccentric girl who comes into possession of a magic ring which allows her to transform into the superheroine of the title. Here she is battling the forces of evil in her own unique way.


Shades of truth.

Back in the 1980s the Illuminati and shape shifting alien lizards were still the stuff of fiction and, as such, made for some great entertainment such as John Carpenter's 1988 sci-fi classic They Live. Nada, the hero of the piece (played by Roddy Piper), stumbles upon an alien conspiracy when he discovers some special sunglasses which lay bare the evil alien scheme. In this scene he tries on the shades of truth for the first time and the awful reality begins to dawn on him. I always saw the film more as a swipe at mass marketing techniques than an expose of alien manipulation but you are, of course, free to draw your own conclusions. Or are you?


School sports day for depressos.

You might think that self harm and sport don't really go together but as we can see in this clip from Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl depressos just need to find a sport that suits them. These two are definitely up for the challenge and they have drawn an enthusiastic crowd too.


Perverse puppetry (NSFW).

Before he became a producer of big budget movies pandering to the peccadilloes of hobbit fanciers Sir Peter Jackson made a series of awesome gross out comedies in his native New Zealand. Here is an example of his trademark vulgarity taken from Meet the Feebles, released in 1989, which has been described as an X rated Muppet movie. There is certainly plenty of sex, violence and drug taking throughout. I don't know about you but I much prefer his earlier works.


Super sci-fi ninja boobs (NSFW).

Martial arts, super powers and bared babes combine in this clip from the spectacularly daft 2007 film Super Ninja Doll. In this scene the heroine, Eriko (Christine Nguyen), discovers that, far from wasting her life by reading comic books instead of doing her college work, she has in fact been preparing herself for her part in a galactic battle between the forces of good and evil. A cosmic storm has opened a portal between our reality and the comic book dimension, allowing a couple of supervillains to enter our world where they set about abducting babe scientists as part of their nefarious scheme. Here we can see the very moment in which Eriko learns of her epic destiny.


A rather ribald robbery (NSFW).

The 1997 film Hideous! tells the tale of rival collectors of monstrous creatures who are locked in fierce competition with one another to secure the most freakish creatures for their private museums. This rivalry sometimes spills over into criminal activity as in this scene where freak collector Napoleon Lazar (Mel Johnson Jr) is heading home with his newest specimen only to be ambushed by a hireling of one of his rivals (Jacqueline Lovell) in a bizarre and ribald robbery scenario.