Wild wet women

Wild wet women (NSFW).


Various wild women from mainstream cinema who just love getting naked and wet.


Wild wet women wrestling (NSFW).

Now this is what I call a royal rumble. In this clip from the 1984 film Beautiful Wrestlers Down For the Count a group of students at a women's wrestling school have broken the school rules and for this they must be punished. This punishment involves them being made to strip down to their knickers for a five girl mass brawl while having buckets of water thrown over them. Why can't WWE be like this? (If you enjoy this video there is another clip from the same film in the Brawling Babes section).


Wild wet women in the showers (NSFW).

In order to investigate potential shady shenanigans occurring in a mental hospital Abbie (Tania Busselier) gets herself checked in as a patient only to have her suspicions confirmed. For a start, all of the inmates are attractive young women whose institution issue uniforms leave very little to the imagination and they spend an awful lot of time stark naked. This is because the hospital is actually a front for a pornographic film studio. In this scene Abbie joins the other girls for a shower only to be accosted by Juana (Lina Romay) who is obsessed with having her bottom thoroughly cleaned at every opportunity. The resulting confrontation leads to a host of women in wild, wet shower block action in Greta: The Mad Butcher by legendary sleaze master Jesus Franco.


A wet wild girl (NSFW).

This post features a welcome return to the wild wet women section for Tanya Roberts, this time in the 1984 film Sheena in which she plays the titular heroine who teams up with a TV reporter to thwart a bunch of bad guys attempting to stage a coup in a fictional African country. Here she is demonstrating to her bemused companion that wild girls like nothing better than stripping off and plunging into any nearby body of water at every opportunity.


Wild wet Japanese women (NSFW).

Just by way of a break from the usual formula here are some wet women who are wild with joy rather than indignation. This scene is taken from Girl Boss: Crazy Ball Game, one of a series of Japanese films about girl gangs made in the 1970s. The girl gang in question, having just pulled off a very successful heist can think of no more fitting way to celebrate their new found wealth than to go for a group skinny dip.


Wild wet German women (NSFW).

In the world of 1970s sex comedies the dirty old man was a stock character. These creepy types would lurk around any location where attractive young women could be found in the hope of getting some cheap thrills. Of course, the dirty old man in question never got his wish and usually ended up being humiliated instead. Here are a couple of examples from the 1974 German sex comedy Schoolgirl Report 8. The first involves a pair of girls skinny dipping, blissfully unaware that a peeping pervert is loitering in the undergrowth.

Dirty old men could also be found skulking around the girls showers.


Barbarian babes get wet and wild (NSFW).

Anyone who has watched a lot of 80s sword and sorcery films will know that barbarian babes like nothing better than skinny dipping. Of course, in the world of sword and sorcery this is only too likely to attract the attention of various itinerant sex pests which generally leads to said sex pests being beaten to a pulp. Here are three examples.


The first comes from the 1986 cheese-fest Amazons in which barbarian babes Dyala and Tashi (played by Mindi Miller and Penelope Reed) set out on a quest for a magical sword with which to defeat the obligatory dark lord while being shadowed by shape-shifting barbarian babe Akam (Fabiana Smith) who has taken the form of a lioness (but is always naked while in human form). On finding a river our two heroines just can't help stripping off for a dip, only to be discovered by some unsavoury characters. This, of course, means war.

Next up we have a scene from The Beastmaster in which the titular hero, who has the power to command all manner of wild animals, chances upon two barbarian babes (Tanya Roberts and Linda Smith) in a pool. He at once despatches two of his furry friends to make off with the girl's clothes. Dr Doolittle could learn a thing or two from this chap.

Finally we have a pair of wet and wild twins, Leigh and Lynette Harris, in action in 1982's Sorceress. The twin warriors, unable to resist the urge to get naked whenever they encounter a large body of water, are happily splashing about when they are interrupted by a particularly horny interloper. To say they are not best pleased would be an understatement.