Women in prison

Women in prison (NSFW).


Female felons getting up to all sorts of mischief.


Spooky shower shenanigans (NSFW).

Any Women in Prison film worthy of the name must feature at least one scene set in the shower block with oodles of wet and soapy babe babes on show. The bizarre Shaw Brothers comedy horror WiP mashup Haunted Jail House from 1989 gives the obligatory shower scene a unique twist when a group of inmates are at their ablutions (while being spied on by three cheeky fellows who have climbed a tree for the purpose) when one of the ghostly girls who haunt the prison decides to have a bit of supernatural fun with them.


Nasty and nice (NSFW).

The 1984 WiP film Women in Fury follows the well tried formula of an innocent girl, Angela (Suzane Carvalho), wrongly imprisoned in a correctional institution which is absolutely chock full of lesbians only to find herself attracting the amorous attentions of the chief warder (played by Rossana Ghessa) who is, of course, the most dominant lesbian in the place. At first this Sapphic sadist tries to bully Angela into becoming her love bunny (including a fire hosing, a favourite method of coercion in WiP movies). When these methods fail she opts for a gentle approach which, as we can see, leads to a more agreeable situation.


Special treatment (NSFW).

Those of you who have perused this section before have probably formed the opinion that lesbian law enforcers are a sadistic lot but they are capable of treating their charges with loving care too. To demonstrate, here are some clips from the aptly named 1980 WiP film Bare Behind Bars. First up we get to witness the chief warden, Sylvia (Maria Stella Splendore), inducting a new inmate in her own special way before we head over to the infirmary where Nurse Barbara (Marta Anderson) is treating a patient with an unorthodox, but clearly very effective, medical procedure. Finally it's back to the head warden's office where the inducting has reached fever pitch as the two of them thrash about on the settee in the throes of induction passion. While this regime may not deter lesbians from a life of crime at least it keeps them off the streets.


Female prisoners getting whipped into shape (NSFW).

When undercover agent Nathalie Baskova (Patrizia Gori) infiltrates a prison camp to rescue one of the inmates she discovers that sadistic warder Helga Hortz (Jacqueline Laurent) has set up her very own lesbian sex dungeon in which she gives misbehaved inmates a disciplinary whipping on the flimsiest of pretexts, with the occasional public thrashing to set an example to any other would be troublemakers. Eventually Nathalie is unmasked and finds herself at the mercy of Helga in Nathalie: Escape From Hell.


Irresistible temptation (NSFW).

While a group of female prisoners are at their ablutions in the 1973 WiP film Bamboo House of Dolls they are spied by sadistic lesbian warder Mako (Terry Liu) who is so enamoured by all those bare, wet and soapy babes that she just has to join in the fun. Well, we can hardly blame her for that: if I was in her place I would do exactly the same and so, I suspect, would you.


A cure for insomnia (NSFW).

While the role of chief warder of a women's prison is in many ways a dream career for lesbians of a sadistic disposition it is a job which comes with certain pressures as we can see in this clip from Helga: She Wolf of Stilburg in which the eponymous Sapphic sadist (played by Malisa Longo) is often plagued by insomnia. She has, however, discovered a remedy for this affliction which is (as you have probably guessed) a lesbian BDSM session with one of her hapless charges. I doubt that you will find this therapy in any medical textbook but you must admit she does look a lot more relaxed afterwards.


Womble in a women's prison (NSFW).

This clip is taken from a bizarre crossover film which mixes the horror and women in prison genres. When Sarah (Victoria De Mare) goes camping with her boyfriend the pair are attacked by a werewolf. Sarah survives the attack which leaves her boyfriend ripped to shreds and finds herself imprisoned for his murder in a jail where everyone is engaged in almost non stop sex acts. Soon our heroine begins to exhibit the symptoms of lycanthropy as she inexorably mutates into a Werewolf in a Women's Prison. Make no mistake: this movie is bloody awful but, for me, it is redeemed by the laughably ridiculous werewolf which looks way more Womble than wolf. Every werewolf scene left me convulsed in helpless fits of laughter. Here is Sarah's first transformation to give you a sample of the risible monster mayhem.







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