Women in prison

Women in prison (NSFW).


Female felons getting up to all sorts of mischief.


A naughty inmate gets stripped and spanked (NSFW).

Women's prisons offer a dream career opportunity for dominant lesbians as we can see in this clip from the 1976 WiP film Nightmare in Badham County when a sapphic sadist takes full advantage of her position of authority to strip one of her charges completely naked in front of all the other inmates before subjecting her to a sound spanking for a trifling breach of prison regulations. Judging from the expression of malicious glee on her face I'd say she has certainly found her vocation in life.


Shower block shenanigans (NSFW).

In the world of Women in Prison (or WiP) films there is always at least one scene (and usually several scenes) set in the shower block involving either some soapy sapphic sauciness or wet babes getting embroiled in a catfight. Here is an example of the latter from the 1995 WiP movie Cellblock Sisters.

Female felons having fun with a nun (NSFW).

It is a basic premise of WiP films that women's prisons are chock full of lesbians, although it is never explained why lesbians should be inexorably drawn to a life of crime. As a result prisoners strip each other, guards strip prisoners and prisoner strip guards at every opportunity. In short, few females in WiP movies can manage to keep their clothes on for the full duration of the feature. In the 1974 film Riot in a Women's Prison (a movie which does exactly what it says on the box) a kindly nun who is attempting to bring spiritual salvation to the inmates proves to be too tempting a target for all that pent up lesbian lust.

A naked break for freedom (NSFW).

When a group of girls trekking in the jungle are unjustly imprisoned by a corrupt regime to become Women in Cellblock 9 their plight is made all the worse when they discover that inmates in Cellblock 9 must remain naked at all times. Desperate to escape this embarrassing situation (along with the unwelcome attentions of the obligatory sadistic lesbian camp commandant) the girls overpower a guard and make a break for freedom while still stark naked to be pursued through the jungle by the prison authorities. In what may be a record for the genre the central characters are nude for almost the entire film but then this is a work by the messiah of exploitation; Jesus Franco.