Fnarf's Funhouse links page



Some other funny, strange and sexy sites I have discovered around the web.


THE COLLECTED WORKS OF TOD CHEESE     A collection of ENF and EUF stories focusing on the more comedic elements of the ENF experience.


STRANGERMMD     A collection of awesome anime ENF videos made with Miku Miku Dance.


NOSTALGIA CENTRAL   Proper nostalgia: not like nostalgia nowadays.


SUPER CARTOONS   Loads of classic cartoons to watch for free including (but not limited to) Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo.


ARCHIVE.ORG   This site has a huge stash of old public domain stuff like films, music, TV shows, books and comics (including some saucy stuff) that you can access for free and without getting yourself embroiled in any sort of legal shenanigans.


FREE THE NIPPLE   Fight oppression: free the nipple.


NEWSBISCUIT     A satirical news web site from the UK. They have a podcast too.


SIMONE ROVELLINI     The home of Exploding Actresses because, as the author says, "some thing need to explode".


ADVENTURES IN ENF     A site with 3d art and comic books about embarrassed nude females losing their clothes in a variety of fantasy worlds such as Dungeons and Dragons or superheroine franchises.


THE BASTARD OPERATOR FROM HELL     This site will evoke a warm glow of nostalgia in the aging computer geeks among you.


BELL CARTOONS     The works of infamous British satirical cartoonist Steve Bell. Not suitable for the easily offended.


SPORTY WOMEN'S     The best women's football (soccer) highlights channel on the web for all you fans of pert bottomed football babes (with a few representatives of other sports included for good measure).


HAMMER AI     A free offline AI chat bot program that runs on your desktop: you can even create and save your own AI characters offline. Just imagine the possibilities.