Tits of fury

Tits of fury


Videos of topless and nude girls fighting in kung fu films.


A CMNF kung fu hooker in action (NSFW).

The rather improbable plot of the 1993 kung fu flick Women on the Run is that a prostitute who is also a martial arts expert teams up with a female cop to take down a major crime syndicate. In this scene, which occurs early in the film, kung fu hooker Swallow (Tamara Guo) unleashes her tits of fury on a disrespectful client as she hands out some summary CMNF kung fu justice.


Magical ninja boobs (NSFW).

Quite apart from their legendary mastery of stealth and subterfuge ninjas are reputed to be masters of magical martial arts. In the case of female ninjas these mystical powers can be greatly amplified by the simple expedient of getting their boobs out, as we can see in this clip from Female Ninjas in Bed with the Enemy.


Tattooed tits of fury (NSFW).

If you enjoy samurai slasher movies with lopped of limbs all over the place and fountains of blood spraying the camera then the Lone Wolf and Cub series, made in the early 1970s, is very much for you. It is the story of disgraced ronin turned assassin Ogami Itto who "walks the way of hell" with his infant son in tow. The fourth film in the series, Baby Cart in Peril, introduces the character of Oyuki (Michi Azuma); a female assassin who has had her boobs tattooed with demonic figures so that when she deploys them in combat the juxtaposition of beguiling boobies and terrifying tattoos will befuddle her foes, giving her a decisive advantage. As you can see, this proves to be a winning strategy.


A CMNF Jiu Jutsu demonstration (NSFW).

This clip is something of a departure from the usual Tits of Fury videos in that, rather than the bare babes in kung fu action you have come to know and love, here is a lady demonstrating her Jiu Jutsu techniques while completely naked. I would love to know how to enrol for lessons at her dojo (and I bet you would too).


Shower surprise ninja action (NSFW).

Ninja film fans will be well aware that ninjas are inexorably attracted to wet soapy women. In the 1986 ninja nonsense classic Golden Ninja Warrior there is a variation on the theme as a would be assassin tries to sneak up on naked ninja babe Sherri (Queenie Yang) while she is showering. Such are Sherri's martial skills that she can dry herself within one second of getting out of the shower, so dealing with an interloper shouldn't present her with much of a problem.


Kung fu strip fight (NSFW).

Hard though it may be to believe, this clip is taken from a genuine martial arts film and not a kung fu based sketch from The Benny Hill Show. The film in question is Firecracker from 1981 in which the heroine, Susanne Carter (Jillian Kesner), employs her karate skills to take down a gang of heroine smugglers while shedding her clothes on a regular basis. Here's a sample of the fun on offer.






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