Tits of fury 2

Tits of fury 2


More videos of girls in nude fight scenes from martial arts movies.


Naked ninja babes (NSFW).

If you like your martial arts movies awash with gratuitous bloodshed, boobs and bums then I can warmly recommend the Bohachi Bushido films. Here are a couple of clips from the first one, Code of the Forgotten Eight Virtues, featuring a bevy of bare babes in martial arts action. First up we see the naked ninja babes returning from a mission when they are ambushed by a ninja from a rival clan. This chap demonstrates some truly awesome martial arts focus to best the naughty ninja nymphets: were I to find myself in such a situation I would surely perish, being far too distracted by all those jiggling tits of fury to adequately defend myself.

Having been rescued from their attacker by the hero (or, more accurately, anti-hero) the bare babes send one of their number to seek medical help. Instead, she uses her martial arts skills to abduct a foreign nun for some lesbian bondage shenanigans. When her comrades discover her duplicity they are not best pleased, leading to some naked ninja babe versus naked ninja babe martial arts mayhem.


Big Areola style (NSFW).

The 1994 film Angel of Destruction concerns martial arts expert Jo Alwood (Maria Ford) who has been hired to protect a pop idol from some unsavoury types. Here we can see her putting her martial prowess to good use as she intercepts a bunch of thugs who have broken in, intent on mischief. The intruders are startled by Jo and her unfettered tits of fury as she delivers a masterclass in Big Areola style to leave them wishing they had stayed at home.


Bare babe versus ninjas (NSFW).

As anyone who has watched a lot of low budget martial arts movies will tell you, ninjas are inexorably drawn to wet, naked, soapy babes. Here is a fine example of that very thing from the staggeringly silly 1986 offering Ninja Final Duel with the heroine, Peng Yi (Alice Tseng), having a relaxing soak only to have her ablutions rudely interrupted by a posse of nasty ninjas. Of course, naked soapy babes are very distracting, thereby giving them the upper hand when confronted by ninjas and Peng Yi is no exception as she easily fends off the disconcerted shadow warriors. The moral here is that one should always keep a few naked soaped up babes about the place in case of ninja attack. You know it makes sense.


Topless disco kung fu (NSFW).

In the pantheon of martial arts movies 1974's TNT Jackson stands out for starring a host of people who have clearly never had a martial arts lesson in their lives. This, of course, only makes it all the more entertaining as one ludicrous disco kung fu fight follows another. In this scene we get to witness some topless disco kung fu action as the titular heroine (played by Jeannie Bell) takes out a bunch of baddies wearing nothing but her knickers. The more eagle eyed viewers among you will notice that not only does she defeat her opponents with ease; she also manages to change her knickers not once but twice during the fight which must surely be the very pinnacle of disco kung fu technique.