Japanese monsters and robots 2

Japanese monsters and robots 2


Here is another selection of Japanese monsters, mutants, cyborgs and robots in action.


Robot versus robot combat from a Japanese splatterpunk film

This clip is taken from the 2009 film Robo-geisha and features Yoshie (the titular robo-geisha, played by Aya Kiguchi) on her way to a showdown with the villain of the piece only to discover that he has prepared for her arrival with a robot of his own. As robots go, I think you will agree that this dastardly device is pretty damned impressive.


A staggeringly silly giant woman versus giant octopus fight scene (NSFW)

This clip is taken from the 2011 film Giant Woman vs Big Octopus and features the two protagonists getting to grips in an aquatic battle royal. It turns out that the eight limbed invertebrate is not only a danger to life but also a massive sex pest as he sets about groping his opponent like, well, an octopus.


Murder and mayhem unleashed in a scene from The Machine Girl

Perhaps this clip does not strictly belong in the Japanese monsters and robots section as it concerns a cyborg called Ami (Minase Yashiro) who, having had her arm sliced off by some thoroughly unpleasant yakuza types, is fitted with a prosthetic limb by a couple of kindly (and highly gifted) mechanics to become The Machine Girl of the title. In this scene she gets the chance to try out her new arm on a bunch of ninja assassins sent after her by her yakuza nemesis. I'm no engineer but that looks like a successful test to me.