Mad science and monsters

Mad science and monsters


Deranged scientists and their diabolical creations.


A mad scientist and his perverted monster (NSFW).

In a post apocalyptic world a group of roller skating nuns fight against tyranny and injustice and also get naked a lot: such is the plot (for want of a better word) of the almost implausibly silly Roller Blade, released in 1988. In this scene one of the nuns has been captured by an evil mad scientist who launches into the obligatory mad scientist rant about world domination while his mini monster sidekick gets busy undressing and perving over the helpless captive. Can you believe that there are actually people who hate this movie? Inconceivable!


Vintage mad science.

It has been claimed that mad science, like nostalgia, isn't what it once was. Back in the 1930s and '40s any mad scientist worthy of the name had a laboratory rammed full of high voltage electronics. Here is a fine example from the 1941 movie The Devil Commands with mad scientist Dr. Julian Blair, played by horror legend Boris Karloff, attempting to contact the spirit of his dead wife by passing a powerful electrical current through his daughter Anne (Amanda Duff) and a bunch of corpses. One thing that has not changed over the years is that a chap can never get on with a bit of mad science without some bunch of interfering do gooders throwing a spanner in the works as once again the progress of mad science is halted by the pitchfork brigade. No doubt he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling hicks.


Invisible mad scientist goes on a rampage (NSFW).

When mad scientist Dr Dornwinkle escapes from an asylum for the criminally insane he evades justice by working as a physics teacher under the alias of Dr Smith. His unruly students, mistaking him for a harmless nerd, delight in playing pranks on him. The deranged doctor perfects an invisibility potion and makes use of it to become The Invisible Maniac and go on a killing spree in which he systematically murders every last one of his erstwhile tormentors. Clearly he is not only mad but also sexually depraved as he exposes all of the female student's boobs before slaying them. Here he is laying in wait for class tease Vicky (Shannon Wilsey) in the girl's showers.


No one knows where the invisble pervert will strike next.


Birth of a bee girl (NSFW).

In the 1973 film Invasion of the Bee Girls when men suddenly start dropping dead during sexual intercourse suspicion falls on insect obsessed mad babe scientist Dr Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) who has been creating a race of bee girls in her laboratory as we can see in this clip. For reasons that are never explained whenever she creates a new bee girl to join the swarm all of the other bee girls celebrate by getting their boobs out. I guess it's just a bee girl thing.







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