Mad science and monsters

Mad science and monsters


Videos of monsters, mutants and nude girls from science fiction movies.


Mutant bunnies of doom.

Some films are so patently ludicrous that you can't help but wonder how drunk everyone was at the production meeting which decided to green light such rubbish. A case in point is Night of the Lepus from 1972 in which a plan to control the rabbit population goes awry and instead creates an army of gigantic mutant killer bunnies who rampage across the landscape slaughtering all who cross their path. Here is a clip of the unleashed mutant bunny bloodlust which is (though you may find this hard to believe) not the most laughably stupid scene in the movie. Not by a long way.


A monstrous deviant (NSFW).

Anyone invited to stay at a creepy remote Gothic castle should probably politely decline the offer, especially when the castle in question is at the epicentre of a series of gruesome murders. Babe scientist Ivanna Rakowsky (Erna Schürer) disregards this sound advice to assist Baron Dalmar in his insane experiments which centre on attempting to resurrect his dead brother who was burned to a crisp in a tragic mad science mishap some years before and whose carbonised corpse is kept in a bath tub filled with a powerful hallucinogenic fluid. It seems this is the very last place Ivanna expected to encounter a monster. No prizes for guessing what happens next in Scream of the Demon Lover.


Boob seeking monsters on the loose (NSFW).

Even well intentioned scientific experiments can go badly awry and unleash monsters which is exactly what happens when a chemical compound meant to produce super sized salmon creates instead monstrous Humanoids From the Deep. As regular visitors will know, monsters are unable to resist the lure of unfettered boobies and these fishy fiends are no exception. In these examples we first get to see saucy strumpet Becky (Lisa Glaser) attracting the attention of a boob seeking beastie (resulting in the gruesome death of a ventriloquist as an added bonus) before a whole bunch of monsters run amok at the Annual Salmon Festival where beauty queen Miss Salmon (Linda Shayne) proves to be a tempting target to these tit crazed abominations.


Death imitating art (NSFW).

Just by way of a change from the usual formula here is a monster created, not by a mad scientist, but by a comic book artist in the 1988 schlock horror Cellar Dweller. Despite its unusual provenance this monster, like all its monstrous brethren (and, of course, ninjas) is inexorably drawn to the presence of bare babes as we can see in this scene. The moral is clear: always keep at least one bare (and preferably wet and soapy) babe about the place to act as a monster (and ninja) alarm. You know it's the sensible thing to do.


Acquiring the kiss of death (NSFW).

One of my all time favourite mad scientists is the insidious Dr Fu Manchu, although none of the film and TV adaptations have ever captured the malevolent genius of the original books. Nonetheless they have provided us with some jolly romps such as this offering from 1968; The Blood of Fu Manchu in which the evil genius (played by horror legend Christopher Lee) devises a plan to assassinate world leaders by means of the kiss of death which is to be administered by beautiful girls selected for that purpose. But how does one imbue a girl with this stealthy means of murder? By having her bitten by a boob seeking venomous snake of course. It may be that there is a sound scientific basis for having the snakes inject their venom into bared boob flesh but I suspect it is more in the interests of gratuitous screen nudity (not that I'm complaining about that).


A mad Nazi science double bill (NSFW).

Mad scientists in general have a dubious reputation which is not entirely unwarranted but their misdeeds pale into insignificance compared to mad scientists of the Nazi persuasion as we can plainly see in these clips. The first shows sundry scenes from the 1977 cheese fest The Beast in Heat in which mad Nazi babe scientist Dr Kratsch (Macha Magall) unleashes her monstrous creation (the titular Beast) on her hapless female prisoners while those who incur her wrath are thrown to the mutant Nazi flesh eating guinea pigs of doom. Her reign of terror is finally ended when, like so many mad scientists, she is destroyed by her own creation.

Next up we have Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (played by the legendary Dyanne Thorne) conducting evil experiments on another batch of incarcerated bare babes with a Tesla coil dildo. Quite what this test is intended to demonstrate is unclear but Ilsa certainly looks as though she's enjoying herself.


A mad scientist and his perverted monster (NSFW).

In a post apocalyptic world a group of roller skating nuns fight against tyranny and injustice and also get naked a lot: such is the plot (for want of a better word) of the almost implausibly silly Roller Blade, released in 1988. In this scene one of the nuns has been captured by an evil mad scientist who launches into the obligatory mad scientist rant about world domination while his mini monster sidekick gets busy undressing and perving over the helpless captive. Can you believe that there are actually people who hate this movie? Inconceivable!


Vintage mad science.

It has been claimed that mad science, like nostalgia, isn't what it once was. Back in the 1930s and '40s any mad scientist worthy of the name had a laboratory rammed full of high voltage electronics. Here is a fine example from the 1941 movie The Devil Commands with mad scientist Dr. Julian Blair, played by horror legend Boris Karloff, attempting to contact the spirit of his dead wife by passing a powerful electrical current through his daughter Anne (Amanda Duff) and a bunch of corpses. One thing that has not changed over the years is that a chap can never get on with a bit of mad science without some bunch of interfering do gooders throwing a spanner in the works as once again the progress of mad science is halted by the pitchfork brigade. No doubt he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling hicks.







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