Mad science and monsters 2

Mad science and monsters 2


Sexy and funny video clips from various monster movies.


Invisible mad scientist goes on a rampage (NSFW).

When mad scientist Dr Dornwinkle escapes from an asylum for the criminally insane he evades justice by working as a physics teacher under the alias of Dr Smith. His unruly students, mistaking him for a harmless nerd, delight in playing pranks on him. The deranged doctor perfects an invisibility potion and makes use of it to become The Invisible Maniac and go on a killing spree in which he systematically murders every last one of his erstwhile tormentors. Clearly he is not only mad but also sexually depraved as he exposes all of the female student's boobs before slaying them. Here he is laying in wait for class tease Vicky (Shannon Wilsey) in the girl's showers.


No one knows where the invisble pervert will strike next.


Birth of a bee girl (NSFW).

In the 1973 film Invasion of the Bee Girls when men suddenly start dropping dead during sexual intercourse suspicion falls on insect obsessed mad babe scientist Dr Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) who has been creating a race of bee girls in her laboratory as we can see in this clip. For reasons that are never explained whenever she creates a new bee girl to join the swarm all of the other bee girls celebrate by getting their boobs out. I guess it's just a bee girl thing.


Gender bending mad science (NSFW).

The early 1970s was a time when gender bending became the height of fashion with a host of androgynous pop stars leading the way. This trend also found its way into the cinema as evidenced by this clip from Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde in which the well meaning but deranged scientist transforms into a woman rather than the usual hideous monster. That said his alter ego, Mrs Hyde (Martine Beswick), is a mass murdering psycho and none the less monstrous despite her appearance. Here we see Jekyll's first transformation and reaction of thinking "Crikey: I've got boobs!" before checking them out in the mirror and having a feel.


Mad scientist versus monster (NSFW).

Time and time again mad scientists create monsters only for those monsters to run amok and destroy their creators. Here is a classic example from The Mutations where Dr Nolter (Donald Pleasence) is hard at work converting his latest subject Hedi (Julie Ege) into a sentient vegetable only to be interrupted by a vengeful plant monster he created earlier.


Invisible monster on the loose (NSFW).

Another freakish creation runs out of control and turns against its maker in Dr Orloff's Invisible Monster. Just to make matters yet more perilous this monster is invisible (and a monstrous pervert who rips women's clothing off at every opportunity). The dashing hero contrives a way to reveal the surreptitious sex pest but not before the fiend has stripped Dr Orloff's nubile daughter Cecile (Brigitte Carva) to unveil her monster muff.


Mad science in the morgue (NSFW).

Quite apart from creating monsters this mad scientist has actually become one. Just for good measure cult horror flick Re-animator has, not one, but two mad scientists vying for supremacy. Dr West, the re-animator of the title (played by horror legend Jeffrey Combs) has perfected a formula which restores the dead to life only for rival Dr Hill (David Gale) to steal his work. Despite being decapitated and then re-animated the diabolical Dr Hill continues his nefarious schemes and even has love interest Megan Halsey (Barbara Crampton) abducted and brought to the morgue he is using as his evil lair for his perverted pleasure. I don't think the poor girl will ever be quite right again after this experience.


Mad science can be beautiful (NSFW).

At this point you might be forgiven for wondering why mad scientists don't just give up on the whole monster creating business as being far too hazardous. Well here is one chap who has learned from the fate of his fellows and eschewed monsters entirely to instead devote his talents to creating the perfect woman in the nudie cutie cult classic Kiss Me Quick. I'm no scientist but this looks like Nobel Prize winning material to me.