Rampaging robots

Rampaging robots


Watch out puny humans: the robot uprising has begun.


Deviant Daleks (NSFW).

When a group of girls get lost in the woods they little suspect that their ordeal has only just begun. Soon they find themselves in the clutches of evil alien robots in Abducted by the Daleks; the world's only example of Dalek erotica (at least so far as I know). In this scene two of the girls are in the throes of sweet lesbian loving when they suddenly find themselves transported aboard the Dalek's craft, leading to considerable bemusement all round.


The future of law enforcement?

Here are a couple of clips from the original RoboCop films in which the nefarious Omni Consumer Products corporation, having taken over the privatised police force, set about replacing flesh and blood cops with robots. It seems none of the corporation's senior executives have ever watched a science fiction film. If they had then they would surely have known that robots almost always turn against their human overlords with calamitous consequences.

In this clip from RoboCop2 it soon becomes clear that those OCP executives have failed to learn from past mistakes.


Scary Santa.

My all time favourite robot rampage movie has to be Hardware from 1990. In this scene we can see murderous mechanoid Mark 13 doing what murderous mechoids do best.