Undead creatures

Undead creatures.


The crypt for zombies, vampires, revenants and the like.


A saucy spectre (NSFW).

When two girls are hired to clean a Hollywood mansion prior to its sale to a new owner one of them discovers a mysterious necklace which has the power to summon the dead in the cheap and cheesy 2012 horror flick The Dead Want Women. Among the revenants who appear is a very saucy spectre, played by porn star Jeanie Marie Sullivan, who shows up stark naked and stays that way. If I believed it was possible to summon shameless supernatural strumpets I would be conducting a seance right now instead of creating this post, so my scepticism regarding supernatural matters is very much your gain.


When vampire babes attack (NSFW).

The title of the 1971 Hammer Horror film Twins of Evil is somewhat misleading for only one of the eponymous twins is evil while her sister is good. Evil twin Frieda (Madeleine Collinson) has become a vampire while sister Maria (Mary Collinson) has remained pure. However, given that they are twins, how is one to tell which is which? The answer is simple: if you brandish a crucifix at a lady and her boobs fall out that means she is a vampire. Give it a try sometime; you never know your luck.


In this clip from Alucarda vampire babe (and erstwhile nun) Justine (Susana Kamini) is quite happily having a snooze in her blood filled coffin when some meddler wakes her up. To say that she awakens in a bad mood would be putting it mildly as she sets about the interloper with vigour. Then, just as she seems mollified, the pitchfork brigade burst in to make a fraught situation markedly worse.


Lesbian vampires (NSFW).

Lesbian vampires are my favourite kind of vampires and, should you not already be a fan, I hope these clips will convince you of their charms. First up is a scene from the Hammer Horror classic The Vampire Lovers, a film adaptation of what I believe to be the world's first lesbian vampire novel; Carmilla by J Sheridan le Fanu. Here is vampiric vixen Marcilla (played by 70s scream queen and self confessed exhibitionist Ingrid Pitt) seducing her prey, Emma (Madeline Smith), by getting all wet and soapy. Soon the hapless Emma is at the mercy of the pitiless predator who, being a lesbian vampire, bites her victims on their boobs instead of their necks.

Next we have vampiric lesbian lovers Fran and Miriam (Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska) in action as Vampyres: Daughters of Dracula. Here they are in the throes of lesbian passion when some pesky homophobic vampire hunter spoils their fun by bursting in and shooting them.

Clearly this is a truly inept vampire hunter who doesn't realise that shooting vampires won't kill them and the bloodthirsty babes are soon back in action abducting their latest victim and, because they are lesbian vampires, stripping her naked prior to having a good suck.


Undead Nazis up to no good (NSFW).

The 1981 film Zombie Lake very much lives up to its title, featuring a lake into which the bodies of a bunch of German soldiers who were killed by the French resistance during the second world wars were unceremoniously dumped. These necro Nazis do not rest peacefully in their watery grave, however, and the place is scrupulously avoided by the fearful locals. A girls volleyball team who are visiting the area scorn such superstitious beliefs and decide that Zombie Lake sounds like an ideal place to go skinny dipping. What could possibly go wrong?

Dead can dance (NSFW).

These clips are taken from a film with a slightly more misleading title. Orgy of the Dead, from 1965, does not feature any orgies although it does boast plenty of the dead. The plot (such as it is) involves a writer of horror stories visiting a graveyard with his girlfriend at midnight in search of inspiration. The pair get far more than they bargained for when it transpires that in this cemetery the ghosts of girls who were wicked in life must return from beyond the grave to perform topless dance routines for The Ruler of the Dark (b movie legend Criswell) and his ghoulish chums. The interlopers are captured, tied up and forced to watch the macabre spectacle.

Here are some more boobies from beyond the grave.

If you think you can cope with the mind rending terror of near naked babes jiggling about from dusk til dawn you can watch the full movie at The Internet Archive.