Spoof adverts

Spoof adverts


Funny parodies of television adverts.


How not to be a Goth.

If you are a Goth who is beginning to question the whole Gothic lifestyle then this service, as advertised in The IT Crowd, could be just what you're looking for.


Real spoof advertising.

Here is a spoof advert made to publicise the skills of a genuine video production company. Pretty impressive skills they are too.


Welcome to the future.

In the closing decades of the last century there was a growing tide of opinion that our current age would descend into a dystopian nightmare as insatiable corporate greed laid waste the planet. No doubt you are all as relieved as I am to know that science fiction got it so wrong as we bask in our 21st century utopia. To illustrate the point here are a couple of spoof adverts from 1990's Robocop 2 reflecting that gloomy vision of the future.

Crime was also predicted to be an issue.


Improve your neighbourhood

From 1983 here is a spoof advert from Playboy Video Magazine (everything got made into a video in the 80s). This product promises to quickly and efficiently improve your neighbourhood. I really must get myself one of these.


Spoof adverts from a Japanese splatterpunk film

These clips are from the 2008 film Tokyo Gore Police. With a title like that you might think these extracts could be a mite bloodthirsty and you'd be right. The first offers the ideal gift for the emo in your life.


This product provides vindictive entertainment for all the family.


The panacea for all ills?

If there is a universal panacea then it is available from this store, as advertised in Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show. Although this is a spoof I'd be amazed if no one had opened such an emporium in real life.