Sporting shenanigans.


A selection of sporting moments which have, for one reason or another, captured my attention.


A raunchy rodeo rider.

If you think that rodeo acts wouldn't appeal to you then here is a clip featuring everyone's favourite antipodean sex midget, Kylie Minogue, going wild atop a mechanical bull in a lingerie advert which may just change your mind. I could watch her all day.


The Japanese Grand Prix (NSFW).

I suspect that this may not be the official Japanese Grand Prix but it is certainly the most entertaining motor racing spectacle I've ever seen.


At the races.

I recall a time when sack racing was a popular event but, alas, its appeal seems to have waned over the years. Here is a clip which I hope will spark a revival of interest in this ancient and noble sport.


Saucy cyclists (NSFW).

Here is yet another sport which has inexplicably been omitted from the Olympics: bare babes bicycle racing. Surely anyone who takes the time to watch this footage, filmed for the Queen single Bicycle Race, will agree that this sport can be added to the cannon of events which would be made much more enjoyable if all the competitors were sporty nude nubiles.


Foul play.

One can only wonder why this challenge was not referred to VAR (Vaginal Assault Referee).


Snooker can be interesting (NSFW).

I suspect you are probably thinking "Snooker? Interesting? Have you been at the sherry again?" but I assure you snooker really can be made interesting. Check out the clip to see how.


Japanese table tennis.

Here is a video of some Japanese style sporting shenanigans courtesy of the All Japan Bikini Table Tennis Association. If regular table tennis had matches like this then I, for one, would watch a great deal more of it.


Penalty kick (NSFW).

Sometimes when a penalty kick is awarded the commentator will say it was a "harsh" decision. Probably not as harsh as this one though.