Weird videos

Weird videos.


Strange, sexy and funny video clips.


Painting with boobies (NSFW).

Some might question whether this is really a valid art form but surely no one can argue that it doesn't make for great entertainment.


A nude at the opera (NSFW).

Opera is not something that has ever really appealed to me but this clip, which I have been told is from a performance of Faust (thanks Lucia), certainly grabbed my attention. Perhaps if more operas involved women getting naked on stage I might show a bit more interest in the genre.


More Japanese weirdness.

Here is a video clip from an unidentified Japanese movie which, despite its unknown provenance, certainly ticks all the boxes for downright weirdness.


Super fail (NSFW).

Many people argue as to which is the better superhero franchise out of Marvel or DC but for me they both pale into insignificance compered to the wonderful world of naked Japanese superheroines. Since the appearance of Kekko Kamen in the 1990s there have been a host of imitators to entertain fans of nude super babes. Kekko Kamen's finishing move (also employed by her imitators) is the Oppiroge Jump which involves her leaping into the air and landing vagina first on the face of her adversary at which point he or she passes out from sheer surfeit of ecstasy. In this clip Kekko clone Phantom Ribbon attempts this manoeuvre only to realise too late that the bad guy has devised a cunning counter attack.


Pie Hard (NSFW).

Wet and Messy videos seem to have gone out of fashion nowadays which I, for one, consider to be a tragedy. Scrumptious bare babes smearing cream, strawberries, custard and all manner of other delicious confectioneries all over each others bodies; what's not to like? Here is a promo from the now sadly defunct Pie Vids studio to transport you back to those halcyon Wet and Messy days.


Protesting done right (NSFW).

The feminist protest group Femen have as their motto "Bare breasts are our weapons" and they are as good as their word, exposing their boobs to world leaders to highlight injustice at every opportunity. Here are three clips of them in bare breasted action to demonstrate their methods.


Ninja school.

Just an average day in ninja school.





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