Weird videos 2

Weird videos 2.

Clips from some of the stranger videos I have watched over the years.


The dog's bollocks.

This video starts out as a demonstration of Tai Chi or something similar but it soon becomes clear that it truly is the dog's bollocks. (For the benefit of overseas visitors I should point out that in the UK the phrase "the dog's bollocks" is slang for awesome).


Newtonian physics.

Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here is a video to help you determine the veracity of that statement.


Naked economics (NSFW).

I have never really been one for economics but if there were more lectures on the subject delivered like this then I might pay a bit more attention. For the purposes of illustrating her point that “Brexit leaves Britain naked” Victoria Bateman, a real life economics PhD at Cambridge University, fits her actions to her words by stripping stark naked on stage. Whatever your views on the merits of her arguments I think you will find her style of delivery quite compelling.


Karma is a bitch.

This is especially true for misogynists, as we can see in this clip.


A bizarre biology class (NSFW).

Here is a novel approach to teaching biology with a near naked teacher demonstrating how a bee performs a waggle dance. This teaching method really looks like it gets the attention of her students.


Spike sings.

When it came to making weird videos few made them weirder than Spike Milligan. Here is a clip of the maestro in action from The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine.


Troi tempest.

It seems as though Troi can use her empathetic powers to channel the solar wind. Either that or someone has tampered with the soundtrack.


Dancing in the dark.

As dance routines go this one gets top marks on the strange and haunting front.