Weird videos 3

Weird videos 3


Some funny, sexy and surreal video clips.


Home made jet pack fail.

When I was a kid we were constantly being told that in the 21st Century everyone would be flying around with their own personal jet packs. What a pack of lies that turned out to be. This chap got fed up with waiting and decided to improvise his own. Well, full marks for effort I guess even if the result is not quite what he imagined.


Jingle boobs (NSFW).

Here is a soupcon of festive fun for you: an enthusiastic performance of Jingle Boobs by perky ponygirl Sadie Simone from the Shadowplayers archive.


A CFNF petgirl scene (NSFW).

No doubt everyone has, at some time, visited a friend or relative who owns a bothersome pet, resulting in some social awkwardness. In this clip, which I believe is taken from a Petgirls.com video, a lady paying a visit is discombobulated by a petgirl who just wants to make friends. She even goes so far as to shoo the affectionate pet away which I find incomprehensible. Who would not want this adorable creature to jump onto their lap for lots of treats and petting? I guess there's just no accounting for taste.


Happy horse.

Should you ever find yourself in the company of a despondent horse you can always lighten the mood by presenting the unhappy ungulate with a rubber chicken. This makes for a very happy horse as this clip shows.


Going out with a bang (NSFW).

Now this is what I call a Pyrrhic victory. It also provides yet more evidence that when it comes to weird videos Japan is an absolute world beater.


The dog's bollocks.

This video starts out as a demonstration of Tai Chi or something similar but it soon becomes clear that it truly is the dog's bollocks. (For the benefit of overseas visitors I should point out that in the UK the phrase "the dog's bollocks" is slang for awesome).


Newtonian physics.

Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here is a video to help you determine the veracity of that statement.