Weird videos 4

Weird videos 4

Yet more strange and surreal video clips.


The youth of today.

In this clip from Wonder Showzen an intrepid Beat Kids reporter asks the public what they think is wrong with the youth of today.


Strange seduction.

Being a shut-in is clearly not good for anyone's love life. Here we see one such misfortunate fellow from the 90s sitcom Game On being driven to extreme measures to secure an amorous encounter.


Life's a gas.

I had always assumed that a gas mask was supposed to keep the gas out but, if this video is anything to go by, that's a matter of personal taste. Or smell.


Just popping out.

Some visitors to a carnival in this scene from the 1974 film The Mutations are being entertained by a performer called Popeye. No prizes for guessing how he came by that name.


Oppai pen.

No office should be without oppai pen.


Cow charming.

We have all heard of snake charming but here is a rare example of cow charming. An impressive skill I'm sure you will agree.